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Product Data Sheet date Data Sheet # NZ
Aus SDS French Data
Sheet #
Can label
Acrylic Undercoat - general purpose May 2014 D404 SDS     Label
Acrylic Undercoat - Varishade     SDS      
Aerosol - made in USA - for Aluminium etc     SDS      
Aerosol - made in USA - Super-Gloss etc     SDS      
Alumastic - high build epoxy May 2005 RA402 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Aluminium Wood Primer May 1996 D46 SDS SDS   Label
Aquaclear - waterborne urethane varnish Jan 2012 D59 SDS SDS   Label
Aquaclear Natural - coming soon           Label
Aquapel - waterborne water repellent Jan 2010 D65 SDS SDS D65 Label
Aquapoxy - waterborne epoxy Jun 2013 RA42 SDS
(B) / (H)
(B) / (H)
  Label (B - gloss)
(B - semi-gloss) (H)
Aquapoxy for Flooring - waterborne epoxy Jun 2013 RA43 SDS
 / (H)
    Label (B - gloss)
(B - semi-gloss) (H)
AquaShield - mineral effect Jan 2011 D601 SDS SDS D601 Label
AquaShield CoolColour™ - mineral effect Jan 2011 D601C SDS SDS   Label
ArmourBond - epoxy sealer Apr 2014 RA408 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourCat 800 - clear sealer Jun 2004 RA83 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourCat 805 - pigmented sealer/undercoat Jun 2004 RA84 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourCat 810 - metallic effects Jun 2004 RA85 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourCat 822 - satin solid colour Jun 2004 RA87 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourCat 823 - gloss solid colour Jun 2004 RA88 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourCat 842 - satin clear Jun 2004 RA89 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourCat 843 - gloss clear Jun 2004 RA90 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Armourchlor AM-ZP - chlorinated rubber primer/finish coat Feb 1999 RA62 SDS     Label
Armourchlor HB-F - chlorinated rubber high build finish Jan 2011 RA61 SDS     Label
Armourchlor HB-P - vinyl high build primer Jan 2009 RA60 SDS     Label
Armourcote 210 - modified alkyd high build primer Dec 2015 RA35 SDS     Label
Armourcote 220 - epoxy primer Feb 2009 RA34 SDS
(B) /  (H)
Armourcote 221 - brushing epoxy primer Sep 2003 RA36 SDS
(B)  / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Armourcote 510 - high solids epoxy May 2010 RA40 SDS
(B) / (H) (LT H)
    Label (B) (SD H) (LT H)
Armourcote 512 - epoxy enamel Aug 1999 RA407 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Armourcote 515 HS - fast dry epoxy Nov 2004 RA404A SDS
(B) /  (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Armourcote 608 - fast dry spraying enamel Feb 2006 RA72 SDS     Label
Armourcote 821 - waterborne epoxy primer Oct 2014 RA37 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Armourcote 943 Gloss     SDS      
ArmourZinc 110 - zinc rich primer single pack Sep 2006 RA23 SDS     Label
ArmourZinc 120 - zinc epoxy primer May 2010 RA22 SDS
(B) /  (H)
    Label (B) (H)
ArmourZinc 125 - inorganic hybrid primer Feb 2009 RA24 SDS
(B) /  (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Art Action - Art & Poster Paint     SDS      
Art Action - Student Acrylic Paint     SDS      
Art Action - Tempera     SDS      
Baking Enamel Clear     SDS      
Blackboard Paint Sep 2018 D901 SDS SDS   Label
Blacktop - driveway coating Jan 2008 D304 SDS SDS   Label
Boiled Linseed Oil     SDS      
Broadwall 3 in 1 - surfacer, sealer, finish coat May 2010 D810 SDS SDS   Label
Broadwall Surface Prep & Seal Dec 2015 D807 SDS SDS   Label
Broadwall Waterborne Wallboard Sealer Dec 2015 D403 SDS SDS   Label
Brush Cleaner     SDS SDS    
Brushable Crack Filler - acrylic sealant Dec 2012 D811 SDS SDS   Label
Brushing Additive     SDS     Label
Brushing Additive (for Summit Commercial Spray)     SDS      
Ceiling Paint - waterborne flat Dec 2015 D305 SDS SDS   Label
Ceiling Velvet - flat enamel Jul 2013 D321 SDS     Label
Cementitious surfaces Feb 2010 D83 -      
Cemseal - concrete sealer and dust coat Jun 2011 D504 SDS     Label
Chalkboard Paint Sep 2018 D901C SDS     Label
Cleancote – dirt and mould resistant paint (recommended for hot tropical climates) May 2010 D317       Label
Clearcoat UVS - waterborne U.V. protective glaze Jul 2014 D502 SDS SDS   Label
ClinicalCote Jul 2011 D318 SDS
(low sheen) (satin)
SDS   Label
Colorwood - testpot     SDS      
Colorwood - waterborne natural wood stain May 2015 D50a SDS SDS   Label
Colorwood Enhance     SDS     Label
Colorwood Whitewash Aug 2011 D50W SDS SDS   Label
Concrete Block Sealer     SDS      
Concrete Clear Mar 2017 D54a SDS SDS   Label
Concrete Primer Nov 2009 D405 SDS SDS   Label
Concrete Stain Apr 2018 D58 SDS     Label
Concrete Stain Conserver     SDS SDS    
Concrete Stain Thinner     SDS      
ConcreteSeal 3 in 1 Oct 2013 D409 SDS SDS   Label
Concrete Wax Apr 2014 D508 SDS SDS   Label
Contractor - waterborne high build Dec 2011 D301 SDS     Label
Crackle     SDS SDS   Label
Crown Ceiling Paint     SDS      
Crown Fence Paint     SDS      
Crown High Gloss     SDS      
Crown Low Sheen     SDS      
Crown Mouldwash     SDS SDS    
Crown Primer Sealer Undercoat     SDS      
Crown Roof Colour     SDS      
Crown Roof Primer     SDS      
Crown Timber Colours     SDS      
Crown Wallboard Sealer     SDS      
Cupraseal       SDS    
Curecrete     SDS      
CyberCote - waterborne flat commercial spray grade (formerly known as Cybercoat) Mar 2017 D323 SDS     Label
Danska Teak Oil Jul 2013 D507 SDS     Label
Decorator 100% Acrylic Gloss     SDS      
Decorator Acrylic Ceiling Flat     SDS SDS    
Decorator Acrylic Hi-Build Undercoat     SDS      
Decorator Acrylic Interior/Exterior Flat     SDS      
Decorator Acrylic Low Sheen     SDS      
Decorator Acrylic Primer Undercoat     SDS      
Decorator Acrylic Sealer Undercoat     SDS SDS    
Decorator Acrylic Semi-Gloss     SDS      
Decorator Acrylic Ultra Low Sheen     SDS SDS    
Decorator Alkyd Flat     SDS      
Decorator Alkyd Gloss     SDS      
Decorator Alkyd Satin     SDS      
Decorator Alkyd Undercoat 100     SDS      
Decorator Alkyd Undercoat     SDS SDS    
Decorator Alkyd Wallboard Sealer Undercoat     SDS      
Decorator Alkyd Wood Primer     SDS SDS    
Decorator Easy Sand Acrylic Wallboard Sealer     SDS SDS    
Decorator Fast Dry Alkyd Primer     SDS SDS    
Decorator Hi Opacity Ceiling     SDS    
Decorator High Cover Acrylic Wallboard Sealer     SDS SDS    
Decorator Interior Low Sheen     SDS SDS    
Decorator Interior Pigmented Sealer Undercoat     SDS      
Decorator Interior Ultra Low Sheen     SDS      
Decorator Polyurethane Semi-Gloss     SDS      
Decorator Premium Roof (MCR)     SDS    
Decorator Tintable Ceiling Flat     SDS      
Deep Clean Nov 2012 D815 SDS SDS   Label
Deep Clean Ready To Use     SDS      
Design Pine Exterior Primer     SDS SDS   Label
Earthenware, bricket, slate, stone and tiles Feb 2010 D802 -      
Earthsense Ceiling Paint Feb 2010 D316 SDS     Label
Emulsifiable Solvent Cleaner - oil and grease remover May 1996 D804 SDS     Label
Enamacryl - gloss waterborne enamel Dec 2015 D309 SDS SDS D309 Label
Enamacryl - testpot     SDS      
Enamacryl CoolColour™ - gloss waterborne enamel Dec 2015 D309C SDS SDS   Label
Enamel Undercoat - general purpose May 2014 D44 SDS SDS   Label
Epox-O-Bond - epoxy filler Jul 2006 D808 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
EzyFill GP     SDS      
Ferrous metals (mild steel) Feb 2010 D801 -      
FilmPro - professional set paint Sep 2015 D905 SDS SDS   Label
Fireshield 1FR (clear intumescent) Oct 2016 TDS SDS      
Fireshield 1FR TOPcoat (clear) Oct 2016 TDS SDS      
Fireshield 2FR (pigmented intumescent) Oct 2016 TDS SDS      
Fireshield WB 1FR TOP     SDS      
Fireguard - intumescent coating July 2014 D39 SDS SDS   Label
Flexicover E - replaced by X-300E            
Forester - timber stain coating Sep 2014 D510 SDS     Label
Forester CoolColour™ - timber stain coating Sep 2014 D510C SDS     Label
Fresh Air Carparking - pollution eating paint Jul 2011 D319 SDS     Label
Furniture and Decking Oil Jul 2006 D503 SDS SDS   Label
FX Fluoro     SDS      
FX Metallic (was Resene Enamacryl Metallic) Oct 2017 D309a SDS SDS D309a Label
FX Nightlight     SDS      
FX Pearl Shimmer - waterborne pearlescent effect Nov 2009 D312 SDS SDS   Label
Galvo One - galvanised steel primer Jul 2006 D41 SDS SDS   Label
Galvo-Prime - waterborne galvanised steel primer Feb 2009 D402 SDS SDS   Label
GP Metal Primer Sep 2014 D411 SDS     Label
Graffiti Cleaner Nov 2011 RA101 SDS SDS   Label
Grassmarking Paint Jun 2013 D908 SDS     Label
Gypsum plaster - hardwall/fibrous stoppings Feb 2010 D85 -      
Heavy Duty Paint Prep & Oil Remover Oct 2016 D816 SDS     Label
High Temp Black Enamel     SDS     Label
Hi-Glo - waterborne gloss Apr 2010 D31 SDS SDS D31 Label
Hi-Glo CoolColour™ - waterborne gloss Mar 2009 D31C SDS SDS   Label
Hi-Glo Cool Black, Beaurepaires Orange     SDS SDS    
Hi-Glo Yellow 2     SDS SDS    
Hot Weather Additive     SDS SDS   Label
HydraBlock - waterborne - epoxy barrier Apr 2018 D412 SDS     Label
Impasto     SDS      
Imperite 413 - polyester-urethane gloss Feb 1999 RA57 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Imperite I.F. 502 - acrylic epoxy semi-gloss clear Feb 2009 RA82 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Imperite I.F. 503 - acrylic epoxy gloss/metallics Dec 2012 RA81 SDS
(B) / (H)
    Label (B) (H)
Interior Paintwork Cleaner     SDS SDS    
Interior Paintwork Cleaner Ready To Use     SDS SDS    
Kwila Timber Stain May 2005 D501 SDS SDS   Label
Lead Test Kit     SDS     Label
Limelock - cure and seal Jan 2011 D809 SDS SDS D809 Label
Lining paper, wallpaper, paperfaced plasterboard Feb 2010 D84 -      
Lumbersider - testpot     SDS      
Lumbersider - waterborne low sheen Jul 2011 D34 SDS SDS D34 Label
Lumbersider CoolColour™ - waterborne low sheen Jul 2011 D34C SDS SDS D34C Label
Lustacryl - semi-gloss waterborne enamel Dec 2015 D310 SDS SDS D310 Label
Lustacryl CoolColour™ - semi-gloss waterborne enamel Dec 2015 D310C SDS SDS   Label
Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom - semi-gloss waterborne enamel Jul 2013 D310K SDS SDS   Label
Lusta-Glo - semi-gloss enamel Dec 2014 D33 SDS SDS   Label
Magnetic Magic Jul 2013 D902 SDS SDS D902 Label
Masonry Flat (Australia only) Nov 2012 D74 SDS SDS   Label
Methylated Spirits     SDS SDS    
Membrane Primer (previously known as Membrane Roofing Primer) Dec 2017 D49 SDS SDS   Label
Mica Bond - micaceous pigmented alkyd finish Mar 2001 RA71 SDS     Label
Mineral Turps     SDS SDS    
Miscellaneous surfaces including bitumen, rubbers, plastic and fabrics Feb 2010 D803 -      
Moss & Mould Killer - liquid concentrate May 1996 D80 SDS SDS D80 Label
Moss & Mould Killer Ready To Use     SDS      
MoulDefender     SDS      
MPS Stainers     SDS      
No-Bond     SDS      
Non-ferrous metals, galvanised steel, Zincalume Feb 2010 D89 -      
Non-Skid Deck & Path Jan 2012 D313 SDS SDS   Label
Non-Skid Deck & Path - testpot     SDS      
Paint Effects Medium Jul 2006 D307 SDS SDS   Label
Paint Prep and Housewash - liquid concentrate Mar 2009 D812 SDS SDS   Label
Paint Prep & Housewash Ready To Use     SDS      
Particle Board Sealer Mar 2009 D43 SDS     Label
Pearl Shimmer - testpot     SDS      
Polymeric AV-8 - high build vinyl Feb 1999 RA63 SDS     Label
Polythane Brush Cleaner     SDS SDS    
Polythane - clear polyurethane Apr 1999 D53 SDS SDS   Label
Pre-Coated Steel Primer           Label
ProSelect Anti-Slip - timber flooring finish slip resistant additive Nov 2017 PS10 SDS     Label
ProSelect Base - professional timber flooring finish blending system Aug 2017 PS01 SDS     Label (matt) (gloss)
ProSelect Clean - concentrate Aug 2017 PS09 SDS     Label
ProSelect Clean - ready to use Aug 2017 PS09 SDS     Label
ProSelect Colour Concentrate - professional timber flooring finish Aug 2017 PS08 SDS     Label
ProSelect Cure - hardener, professional timber flooring finish blending system Aug 2017 PS01 SDS     Label
ProSelect Fast Set - timber flooring finish curing accelerator Aug 2017 PS02 SDS     Label
ProSelect Naturadd - timber flooring finish matting concentrate Aug 2017 PS03 SDS     Label
ProSelect Stain Base - professional timber flooring finish Aug 2017 PS07 SDS     Label
ProSelect Sun Block - timber flooring finish UV protection Aug 2017 PS04 SDS     Label
ProSelect V-Hold - timber flooring finish sag resistance additive Aug 2017 PS06 SDS     Label
ProSelect XTend - timber flooring finish wet edge additive Apr 2018 PS05 SDS     Label
Pump Protecta     SDS      
Qristal Clear Polyurethane Jul 2013 D52 SDS     Label
Qristal ClearFloor 1K - waterborne flooring urethane Feb 2011 D506 SDS SDS   Label
Qristal ClearFloor 2K - waterborne flooring urethane Feb 2011 D506A SDS
    Label (B) (satin)(gloss)
Qristal H.D. Poly-Satin     SDS      
Qristal Poly-Flat     SDS      
Qristal Poly-Gloss     SDS SDS    
Qristal Poly-Satin     SDS SDS    
Quick Dry End Seal     SDS     Label
Quick Dry - waterborne primer undercoat Dec 2015 D45 SDS SDS D45 Label
Raw Linseed Oil     SDS      
Repainting Feb 2010 D87 -      
Resitex - elastomeric textured coating Jun 2011 D70 SDS
Resitex Plastercote - elastomeric textured coating Jun 2011 D70 SDS     Label
Rockcote MultiStop - finishing render   Data sheet        
Roof and Metal Wash - liquid concentrate Jun 2013 D88 SDS SDS   Label
Room Velvet - low sheen enamel Jul 2013 D320 SDS     Label
Rust-Arrest - alkyd anti-corrosive primer Aug 2008 RA30A SDS SDS   Label
Sandtex - mediterranean effect Mar 2009 D71 SDS SDS   Label
Sandtex Superfine     SDS      
Scumbling Glaze     SDS      
Sea to Sky SPC 202 coating remover     SDS      
Sea to Sky SPC 203 coating remover     SDS      
Set Black     SDS      
Scumbling Glaze May 2007 D308 SDS      
Silvalusta Dec 2009 D36 SDS     Label
SmartTouch Conductive Coating     SDS     Label
Smoke damaged surfaces Feb 2010 D86 -      
Solventborne Aquapel - water repellent Jan 2010 D65S SDS SDS   Label
Solventborne Sidewalk (Australia only) Dec 2007 D38S SDS SDS   Label
Sonyx 101 - waterborne semi-gloss Jan 2018 D30 SDS SDS   Label
Sonyx 101 CoolColour™ - waterborne semi-gloss Mar 2009 D30C SDS SDS   Label
SpaceCote Clear April 2018 D513 SDS     Label
SpaceCote Flat - waterborne enamel Mar 2007 D314 SDS SDS D314 Label
SpaceCote Flat CoolColour™ - waterborne enamel Mar 2009 D314C SDS SDS   Label
SpaceCote Flat Fly Deterrent - waterborne enamel Mar 2007 D314 SDS     Label
SpaceCote Flat Kitchen & Bathroom - waterborne enamel Aug 2012 D314K SDS     Label
SpaceCote Flat commercial spray grade - waterborne enamel Jan 2012 D314S SDS     Label
SpaceCote Low Sheen - waterborne enamel Jun 2011 D311 SDS SDS D311 Label
SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom - waterborne enamel Jun 2011 D311K SDS     Label
Squash Court Coating Jul 2013 RA406 SDS
(B) / (H)
SRG Grit     SDS SDS    
SRG Industrial Grade Grit     SDS SDS   Label
StainLock - waterborne stain sealer Feb 2014 D408 SDS SDS   Label
Steel Fab - chromate free fast dry shop primer Feb 1999 RA32 SDS     Label
Stipplecote     SDS      
Stone Strengthener Jul 2006 D904 SDS     Label
Strip-Off - paint stripper Jun 2011 D81 SDS SDS   Label
Summit Roof - testpot     SDS      
Summit Roof - waterborne roof paint Jul 2013 D315 SDS SDS   Label
Summit Roof Commercial Brushing Additive           Label
Summit Roof Commercial Spray Satin - waterborne roof paint
Coming Soon!
    SDS     Label
Summit Roof Commercial Spray Grade CoolColour™
Coming Soon!
Summit Roof CoolColour™ - waterborne roof paint Jul 2013 D315C SDS SDS   Label
Summit Roof Metallic - waterborne roof paint Jul 2013 D315M SDS SDS   Label
Summit Roof Semi-Gloss - waterborne roof paint Dec 2015 D315S SDS     Label
Summit Roof Semi-Gloss CoolColour™ - waterborne roof paint Dec 2015 D315SC SDS     Label
Summit Roof Spray Additive     SDS     Label
Super Gloss - enamel Dec 2014 D32 SDS SDS   Label
Sureseal - pigmented sealer Oct 2012 D42 SDS SDS D42 Label
Surface Information and Preparation (SIPDS) - Interior Wallboards (walls and ceilings) Jun 2018 SIPDS1 -      
Surface Information and Preparation (SIPDS) - Timber and Timber Composites May 2017 SIPDS2 -      
Surface Information and Preparation (SIPDS) - Concrete and Cementitious Surfaces Feb 2018 SIPDS3 -      
Surface Information and Preparation (SIPDS) - Steel, Metal and Metal Roofing Jul 2018 SIPDS4 -      
Surface Information and Preparation (SIPDS) - Miscellaneous Substrates and Projects Aug 2018 SIPDS5 -      
Surface Information and Preparation (SIPDS) - ProSelect Products Jul 2018 SIPDS6        
Surface preparation - cementitious surfaces Feb 2010 D83 -      
Surface preparation - earthenware, brick, slate, stone and tiles Feb 2010 D802 -      
Surface preparation - ferrous metals Feb 2010 D801 -      
Surface preparation - gypsum plaster Feb 2010 D85 -      
Surface preparation - miscellaneous - including bitumen, fabric, plastic and rubber Feb 2010 D803 -      
Surface preparation - non-ferrous metals Feb 2010 D89 -      
Surface preparation - paperfaced plaster, lining board, wallpaper Feb 2010 D84 -      
Surface preparation - repainting Feb 2010 D87 -      
Surface preparation - smoke damaged surfaces Feb 2010 D86 -      
Surface preparation - timber Feb 2010 D82 -      
Swimming Pool Paint Jul 2013 D69 SDS SDS D69 Label
TagCover - graffiti covering paint Jun 2013 D909 SDS     Label
Tennis Court Coating Mar 2010 D303 SDS SDS   Label
Terracotta Sealer Jun 2013 D410 SDS     Label
Testpots     SDS SDS    
Testpot - Colorwood     SDS      
Testpot - Enamacryl     SDS      
Testpot - Lumbersider     SDS      
Testpot - Non-Skid Deck & Path     SDS      
Testpot - Pearl Shimmer     SDS      
Testpot - Summit Roof     SDS      
Testpot - Waterborne Woodsman     SDS      
Thinner No.2 (Lower Odour)     SDS      
Thinner No.3A     SDS      
Thinner No.4     SDS SDS    
Thinner No.5     SDS SDS    
Thinner No.6     SDS SDS    
Thinner No.7A     SDS SDS   Label
Thinner No.8     SDS SDS    
Thinner No.9     SDS SDS    
Thinner No.10     SDS      
Thinner No.11     SDS      
Thinner No.12     SDS     Label
Thinner No.13     SDS      
Thinner No.15     SDS      
Thinner No.16     SDS      
Thixalon 5 - replaced by X-400       SDS    
Timber and Deck Wash - liquid concentrate Nov 2011 D813 SDS SDS   Label
Timber and Furniture Gel - enhance and protect Mar 2008 D505 SDS SDS   Label
Timber Surface Prep May 2009 D814 SDS     Label
Timber surfaces Feb 2010 D82 -      
TimberLock - preserver/conditioner Sep 2011 D48 SDS SDS   Label
Timberstain - waterborne penetrating oil stain Apr 2015 D57T SDS      
True-Prime     SDS SDS    
True-Prime Anti-Skinning Agent     SDS      
Umbrella Additive     SDS     Label
Uracryl 402 - urethane acrylic semi-gloss finish May 2011 RA55 SDS
(B) / (H)
(B) / (H)
  Label (B) (H)
Uracryl 403 - urethane acrylic gloss finish May 2011 RA56 SDS
(B) / (H)
(B) / (H)
  Label (B) (H)
Uracryl 404 - urethane acrylic low sheen finish May 2011 RA59 SDS
(B) / (H)
(B) / (H)
  Label (B) (H)
Uracryl GraffitiShield - waterborne anti-graffiti finish Feb 2015 RA58 SDS
(B) / (H)
(B) / (H)
  Label (B) (H)
Vinyl Etch (black, white, grey, red oxide) Mar 2001 RA31 SDS SDS   Label
Vinyl Wallpaper Sealer May 2010 D406 SDS SDS   Label
Walk-on - flooring and paving paint May 2014 D322 SDS SDS   Label
Walk-on CoolColour™ - flooring and paving paint April 2015 D322C SDS SDS    
Walk-on Concrete Clear Sep 2017 D511 SDS     Label
Walk-on Concrete Clear Wet Look Oct 2016 D512 SDS     Label
WashWise - Cloudy Ammonia     SDS      
WashWise Crystals     SDS     Label
WashWise Flocullent     SDS      
Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer - adhesion primer May 2016 D47a SDS SDS   Label
Waterborne Uracryl 802 - waterborne urethane acrylic semi-gloss finish Apr 2013 RA55W SDS
(B) / (H)
(B) / (H)
  Label (B) (H)
Waterborne Uracryl 803 - waterborne urethane acrylic gloss finish Jan 2015 RA56W SDS
    Label (B) (H)
Waterborne Woodsman - testpot     SDS      
Waterborne Woodsman - penetrating oil stain Jan 2015 D57a SDS
SDS   Label
Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour™ - penetrating oil stain Jan 2015 D57C SDS
SDS   Label
Weathershield     SDS      
Wintergrade Hi-Glo - low temperature curing waterborne gloss Jul 2006 D31a SDS     Label
Wintergrade Lumbersider - low temperature curing waterborne low sheen Jul 2011 D34a SDS     Label
Wintergrade Quick Dry - low temperature curing waterborne primer undercoat May 2009 D45a SDS     Label
Wintergrade Roof Primer - low temperature curing waterborne roof primer Aug 2008 D407 SDS     Label
Wintergrade Sonyx 101 - low temperature curing semi-gloss Mar 2008 D30a SDS     Label
Wintergrade X-200 - low temperature curing acrylic weathertight membrane Dec 2014 D62a SDS     Label
Wood Primer - general purpose May 1996 D40 SDS     Label
Woodsman Decking Oil Stain Jan 2018 D57D SDS     Label
Woodsman Decking Stain (Old Formula)     SDS      
Woodsman Whitewash Dec 2014 D57W SDS SDS   Label
Woodsman Wood Oil Stain Dec 2011 D57 SDS SDS   Label
Write-on Wall Paint Jun 2013 D907 SDS
(A) / (B)
(A) / (B)
  Label (A) (B)
X-200 - acrylic weathertight membrane Dec 2014 D62 SDS SDS D62 Label
X-200 CoolColour™ - acrylic weathertight membrane Dec 2014 D62C SDS SDS   Label
X-300E - high build elastomeric membrane Apr 2015 D64 SDS     Label
X-400 - ultra high build barrier membrane coating Apr 2015 D63 SDS SDS   Label
XC-700 - high build concrete block finish Apr 2018 D509 SDS     Label
Zincilate 10 - inorganic zinc silicate two pack Feb 1999 RA20 SDS
(1) / (2)
Zincilate 11 - inorganic zinc silicate single pack Feb 1999 RA21 SDS     Label
Zylone 20 - waterborne flat Mar 2009 D37 SDS
Zylone Sheen - waterborne low sheen May 2017 D302 SDS SDS D302 Label
Zylone Sheen Zero May 2017 D302 SDS SDS   Label
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