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Resene BigColour is a large A2 sized paint swatch See more with BigColour
Colour perception is affected by many factors, including the size of the sample viewed. Generally the bigger the sample, the easier it is to distinguish the colour. That’s why we recommend using all of a Resene testpot on an A2 card to view the true colour. To make this even easier, for the most popular Resene colours, we have created Resene BigColour, a large A2 sized paint swatch… just like a drawdown except it’s around four times larger… more
Resene Enamel Undercoat and Resene Acrylic Undercoat are moving to a new varishade colour system to provide the right basecoat for any shade. Undercoats to suit
For a consistent undercoat solution from solventborne to waterborne, Resene undercoats - Resene Enamel Undercoat and Resene Acrylic Undercoat - are moving to a new varishade colour system to provide the right basecoat for any shade. This helps provide the chosen topcoat with enhanced obliteration. Resene Enamel Undercoat and Resene Acrylic Undercoat are both moving to a white and varishade tone… more
Wintergrade range of Resene paints Wintergrade wins over weather
Everyday paints aren’t designed for use in very cold conditions. Standard waterborne paint can’t form a proper film at low cold temperatures as the acrylic base needs some warmth to make the particles soft enough to stick together. Unless the paint is based on wintergrade technology, a paint film dried in the cold can crack and even just dry to a powder. To help you keep painting through winter, Resene will again have its wintergrade range of paint available… more
The hottest trends in curtain fabrics for 2014 On trend for curtains
Old meets new, minimalism meets drama and handmade meets technology. Large-scale florals, bold prints, metallics and eco-friendly fabrics are the hottest trends in curtaining for 2014. Bold florals cater to traditional tastes while stylised patterns offer youthful energy. Fabrics glow with a subtle sheen, and earthy natural textiles combine with metallic elements to provide a contemporary feel… more
Habitat 20 magazine has a whole host of fresh ideas and inspiration focusing on bold colours Patchwork meets black & white
The latest Habitat magazine from Resene has been released with a whole host of fresh ideas and inspiration. Issue 20 focuses on bold colours to see us through winter, plus lots of home decorating tips and ideas. Handy for you to keep up with the latest decorating trends and as inspiration. Issues of Resene Habitat and the Habitat plus collection are available for viewing on the Resene website… more
Enter your mural in the Resene Mural Masterpieces 2014 Paint the town and be in to win
The Resene Mural Masterpieces 2014 is open for entry. Entry is easy – simply register your entry details online at or drop into your local Resene ColorShop and pick up a Mural Masterpieces Competition registration form. Gather together your favourite community group, school children or tackle a mural yourself. Entry is open to all ages and all mural types, so get your creative juices and paintbrushes fired up. Entries close 12 November 2014. Open to murals in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Register online.
Enter the Resene Total Colour Awards 2014 Win a colourful award
We’re on the hunt for creative and colourful projects finished in Resene paints and colours in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Have you completed a project with creative and excellent use of Resene colour? Then make sure you enter it into the Resene Total Colour Awards 2014. Get your entry form online.
A new exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery - Modern Paints - art history Paint past
A new exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery, Modern Paints Aotearoa, examines the relationship between artistic innovation and painting materials during a lively period in New Zealand art history. From the late 1950s to the early 1970s, artists adopted a change in approach to painting which was linked to an exploration of synthetic paints and their unexpected manipulation in the hands of artists. The research that formed the basis of the concept for this exhibition began 14 years ago… more
The Color Run sees runners looking like they’ve been struck by a rainbow Running colour
Inspired by paint parties and the Holi Festival, The Color Run sees runners looking like they’ve been struck by a rainbow after having been doused with a different brightly coloured powder at every kilometre mark. Resene was the official Colour of The Color Run NZ and made the most of the events to splash some colour around… more
See how different styles of exteriors look in various colour schemes 1 look 4 ways… for exteriors with Habitat plus
When your canvas is literally as big as a house, you want to ensure you get the paint colours right. It can be a daunting task deciding on a scheme for the exterior, especially given the cost of materials and labour. Which is why we’ve created a new Habitat plus booklet to let you see how different styles of exteriors look in various colour schemes… more
Get a good view with Resene Colour View

Get a good view with Resene Colour View
See how colours look in home and room settings – simply choose A4 colour samples from our in store colour library and place them behind the Resene Colour View picture of your choice. The paint colour shows through the clear areas of the picture so you can see how that paint colour would look in that room or area… more

Resene Metallics and special effects chart

Fancy a metallic?
The Resene Metallics and special effects chart has a new look with a selection of the unique metallics from the Resene KidzColour range joining the main metallics colour chart to help keep the metallic colour options in one handy location. The new Resene Metallics and special effects colour range will be available in store as the old ones run out.

See the hottest colour trends for 2014 Caravan do-up
The Peck and Morris families took part in the Resene Caravan Do-Up Challenge at the Motorhome & Caravan Show to do up their caravan inside and out and take part in a series of Resene challenges... more
See the hottest colour trends for 2014 2014 fashion for your walls
Call it retro or call it historical richness but brilliant yellows, pumpkin oranges and tomato reds are the accent colours of the season. Mix them with pretty pastels for a colourful balance and you have the hottest colour trends for 2014. Think bold, luminous colours from your childhood paintbox and you’ve got the idea. Vibrant, optimistic hues like Resene Daredevil, Resene Spotlight and Resene Windfall… more
New to Resene is Surtech self-adhesive glass fabric wallcovering

Wall wise with Surtech
New to Resene is Surtech self-adhesive glass fabric wallcovering. Simply apply, followed with new Resene Surtech Surfacer and finish in your chosen Resene coloured topcoats. Surtech is self-adhesive and can be easily repositioned, saving time mucking around with pasting or repositioning… more

The Resene Decorator trade range has expanded to include Decorator Premium Roof Roof trade
The Resene Decorator trade range has expanded to include Decorator Premium Roof, available in four of the most popular roof colours – Karaka, Ironsand, Grey Friars and Permanent Green. As a series of pretinted roof paint finishes, painters can quickly grab and go with their favourite colour. For an upgrade option, use Resene Summit Roof, which comes in a wider colour range and is also available in the CoolColour™ option to help reflect heat.
Resene PaintWise paint and paint recycling programme 2 million and counting with Resene PaintWise
It’s been 10 years since the Resene PaintWise paint and paint recycling programme started. Thanks to the support of a huge number of decorators over 2 million packs have been collected! That means over 400,000kg of steel has been recycled and over 200,000kg of plastic. Over 500,000 litres of solventborne paint has been sent to solvent recovery and over 190,000 litres of paint has been donated to cover graffiti and other community projects… more
Resene Mobile phone site Wherever you are
When you’re out and about and need access to information about a product, chances are you’ll pull out your phone. To help make it easier for you to access the parts of the Resene website you’re likely to need when you’re on the go, Resene has created a mobi version of its website, (NZ) and (AU), designed especially for use on phones. It’s integrated into the Resene website so when you go to the website it can detect you’re on a phone and deliver you the mobi version. If you want to visit the main site instead, simply click that option. Navigate your way to data sheets, safety data sheets, product labels, a full and searchable Resene colour library, store information, ordering colour charts and more. It’s a quick and handy way to access Resene information on the go.
Resene Paint Prep and Housewash Clean up
Like washing a car, cleaning a house or building will help it look good for longer. Airborne contaminants that settle on the paint film, such as salt deposits, and moss and mould, can attack the surface and cause premature breakdown. Resene Paint Prep and Housewash is ideal to wash down homes and buildings as part of a regular maintenance plan and also prior to repainting to provide a fresher surface for the new paint finish. As Resene Paint Prep and Housewash has grown in popularity, we are now releasing a bulk 10 litre size designed for regular users of the product. For an instant fresh appearance, wash the surface with Resene Paint Prep and Housewash diluted as recommended with water, then wash off with water. For a slower-acting, longer-term clean, use Resene Deep Clean, a slow release cleaning agent which is applied to the surface and then left to weather. The new bulk pack size will be available from selected Resene ColorShops and resellers.
Wood-X wood oil The good oil
Wood-X wood oil, designed by Resene for HermanPacific, penetrates deeply into previously uncoated exterior timber products such as Western Red Cedar weatherboards, fascia, boards, beams and mouldings. HermanPacific applies Wood-X direct to Cedar for new residential projects. As with any other wood stain or oil finish, Wood-X needs regular recoating to keep the finish looking good. To make it easy for homeowners to purchase Wood-X for their ongoing maintenance requirements it can be ordered through Resene ColorShops (NZ only). Wood-X slows the moisture uptake of timber, helping to improve the overall stability of exterior timber. It imparts anti-fungal and water repellent qualities and is available in a wide range of nature inspired colours. See for more information.
The latest Habitat magazine from Resene Fresh inspiration
The latest Habitat magazine from Resene has been released with a whole host of fresh ideas and inspiration. It’s coloured by Resene, but it’s not just about painting. It covers the full spectrum of design, renovation and refurbishment – from the smallest to the largest projects. Copies are available from Resene ColorShops and Resene representatives or view a copy online.
Resene PaintWise recycles unwanted paint and Paint containers Recycling extension
Resene PaintWise, a Ministry for the Environment accredited product stewardship programme, has facilitated the recycling of unwanted paint and paint containers for nearly a decade. Resene launched Resene pails made from 100% post industrial plastic waste then followed this with Resene pails made from 100% post consumer waste collected through the Resene PaintWise service. To increase the recycling rate, a new pail return process is being trialled to increase the number of pails being returned for recycling. A second trial is also underway enabling waste mineral turps and paint thinners to be collected as part of the Resene PaintWise programme. Both pilot programmes will roll out to more Resene PaintWise collection centres in 2014.
Wallpaper trends into 2014 Wallpaper trends into 2014
The ‘feature wall’ trend is still a strong element in the majority of collections coming in from a large number of international suppliers. Feature wall, by its definition, opens up a very wide door to allow all sorts of weird and wonderful designs onto the consumer’s walls, the range of which presently is quite eclectic. It also extends into wall murals, the ultimate statement in feature walls. Trying to get a handle on these trends at the moment could be compared to studying alchemy, but the trick is to be able to tap the pulse of emotion that gives rise to these images and identify the underlying drive that creates the trend. In saying this, nostalgia is an underlying drive in many collections… more
Resene ColourMatch online It’s a match
Got a great electronic swatch of a colour or a photo with a colour you’d like to recreate but you have no idea of the original colour? With Resene ColourMatch online, you can match your colour to a Resene colour and search to find other similar colours, complementary colours and more. Simply type or copy in the URL… more
Gain colour confidence Colour confidence
At Resene, our first love may be paint but our second has to be colour. Glorious colour. And to help open up the endless possibilities of colour choices, we have created the new Habitat plus book devoted to colour – from the most vibrant reds and yellows, to soothing neutrals and moody black. It’s packed with plenty of examples and advice and is ideal if you are struggling with colour choices. Get your copy free from Resene ColorShops and selected resellers or read a copy online.
Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free product range Fancy free
Free free free! Who doesn’t like something for free? Even more so if it means getting rid of unwanted VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Resene has been working through a steady process to move our standard Resene Zylone Sheen product range to new versions free of VOCs. This work started a few years ago with a separate Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free product range and as we have progressed the tinting technology, the VOC free technology has been able to be merged back into the standard Resene Zylone Sheen product range… more
Resene Curtains Winter warmth, summer shade
Get inspired with the new fabrics that have been added to the Resene Curtain Collection. One of our new favourites is Resene Artiste, a strikingly dramatic on-trend large scale print, featuring a ‘painted dandelion head design’ in sophisticated and timeless colour combinations on a natural cotton linen base. The new fabrics range also includes… more
Resene special colour palettes Special colour palettes
As well as all the normal colour charts we release, Resene also has the ability to make and display custom colour palettes too. This tends to come in very handy if you have specific colour palettes being developed with local councils in protected areas or if you’re finishing manufactured goods with Resene colours and would like to be able to present the colour palette. We can provide samples of the chosen colours and display… more
Resene KidzColour chart Printing with pride
The Resene KidzColour chart, designed with children for children, has been a popular choice for children’s rooms and its unique design and finishing has won two gold awards at the recent Pride in Print awards: Gold Award Winner 2013 for Specialty Products - Specialty finishing products and Gold Award Winner 2013 for promotional Print - Catalogues and Leaflets. If you’re planning to decorate a child’s room, order a Resene KidzColour chart online or pick up a copy at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.
Resene has won the Most Trusted Paint award 2013 Most trusted
When Readers Digest announced its Most Trusted Brands survey results, Resene was proud to be named Most Trusted Paint again. Thanks for your ongoing feedback that helps us to continually improve. And remember we always welcome your feedback – simply email us at or fill out our contact form.
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