Decorating inspiration gallery - Bedrooms

Below are a collection of projects, painting bedrooms, completed by keen DIY'ers. Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Resene Albescent White
Modern bungalow
A neutral palette provides a subtle contrast to the white kitchen... more
Resene Half Thorndon Cream
Cottage bedroom

Light and simple interiors with Resene Half Thorndon Cream... more
Resene Half Pearl Lusta in the lounge
Accenting the timber

Resene Half Pearl Lusta in the master bedroom... more
Resene Optimist and Resene Black White walls
Vibrant colour

Resene Optimist and Resene Black White walls... more
Resene Metallic Blast Grey 3 sprayed on
Metallic silver wall

Resene Metallic Blast Grey 3 was sprayed on to the bedroom wall... more
Resene Chelsea Cucumber feature wall
Green feature wall

Resene Chelsea Cucumber feature bedroom wall... more
Resene Periglacial Blue walls
Warm and welcoming

Resene Periglacial Blue walls feature in this guest bedroom... more
Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue
Patterned wall

Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue and stencil... more
Resene Silver Chalice
Resene Silver Chalice

Resene Silver Chalice and Resene Iron makes a statement... more
Resene Quarter Truffle, with window, doors and ceilings in Resene Quarter Rice Cake
Kiwi House

Resene Quarter Truffle walls and Resene Quarter Rice Cake ceilings... more
Resene Windsor feature wall
Wall creativity

A colour blocked bedroom using Resene Windsor... more
Resene Half Merino and Resene Silver Chalice
Beachy feel

Resene Half Merino and Resene Silver Chalice feature wall... more
Resene Fuscous Grey
Dark feature wall

Resene Fuscous Grey on walls and wardrobe doors... more
Resene Sour Dough, Resene Parchment, Resene Double Pearl Lusta
Total makeover

Resene Sour Dough, Resene Parchment, Resene Double Pearl Lusta... more
Resene Tuna feature wall
A dark feature wall

Resene Tuna, complemented with walls in Resene Eighth Canterbury Clay... more
Resene paint
Work in progress

She used Resene Quarter Foundry to paint the wall behind the bed... more
A herringbone pattern for the guest bedroom using Resene Grey Chateau
A herringbone pattern

Resene Grey Chateau features in a wall in the guest bedroom... more
Favourite colours
Understated, relaxing

Green and pink are her favourite colours for bedrooms... more
Favourite colours for bedrooms
Renovated sleepout

Resene Half Napa on walls, ceilings - fresh and clean... more
Resene Spicy Pink features in master bedroom
Master bedroom
Resene Spicy Pink features in master bedroom... more
Resene Hot August feature wall
Decorated floors
Creating a real 'home' for their family with painted floors... more
Resene Half Stonehenge and Resene Baltic Sea
Moody and romantic

Resene Half Stonehenge and Resene Baltic Sea were the perfect pairing... more
Colours complement each other
Serene and calm

Now, all the colours complement each other... more
Resene Gravel as the feature wall with Resene Quarter Truffle walls
'Opened out' room

Resene Gravel feature wall with Resene Quarter Truffle... more
Resene Awash walls
French provincial

A ‘new old house’ with a hint of French provincial... more
a new look on a small budget
Master bedroom

Resene Nebula feature wall behind the bed... more
Resene Adventure matches the purple and indigo of the batik
Batik inspired

Resene Adventure matches the purple and indigo of the fabric... more
Resene Rice Cake
Fresh and inviting

Black and white wallpaper with Resene Rice Cake... more
Resene Shiraz walls.Bold colours
Resene Shiraz walls... more
Interesting stripes in Resene Black White and Resene Tea
Interesting stripes
Feature wall behind the the bed in Resene Trinidad... more
Resene Pale Leaf
Guest bedroom

Resene Pale leaf with French inspired accessories... more
Wallpaper from Resene
Art deco in bedroom

Features the wallpaper Shiny Ivory Statements... more
Custom made pinks
Custom made pinks

The bedroom colours were matched to perfection... more
Resene Indian Ink wall
Making a statement

This bedroom wall makes a definite statement... more
Resene Merlot walls.Bold colours in bedroom
Resene Merlot walls... more
Resene Rhino on two walls with Resene Tea
Dark feature walls
Resene Rhino with Resene Tea and Resene Knock Out... more
Resene Cinderella walls with Resene Alabaster trims
Pastel palette

Resene Cinderella with Resene Alabaster trims... more
Resene Eastern Blue and Resene Decadence  bedroom walls
More purple than paua
 Resene Decadence, Resene Eastern Blue and passionate purple called Resene Paris M... more
Resene Periglacial Blue and Resene Sea Fog bedroom
An icy river blue
Resene Periglacial Blue from the Karen Walker collection. The others are Resene Sea Fog... more
Resene Nero bedroom
Headboard showcase
A bedroom in Resene Nero showcases a beautiful hand crafted fabric headboard... more
Moody and romantic bedroom
Moody and romantic

Resene Half Stonehenge and Resene Baltic Sea... more
Resene Scarpa Flow  bedroom walls
A Toledo steel grey
The master bedroom walls are finished in Resene Scarpa Flow... more
Resene Pohtukawa in a master bedroom
Rich red spiced up
Resene Pohutukawa, a spicy rich red in the master bedroom... more
Stunning Resene Lush bedroom walls
An earthy olive green
The stunning colour of Resene Lush graces these bedroom walls... more
Resene Awash bedroom walls
No restrictions
Resene Awash is a subdued mid blue flooded with soft depth... more
Resene Quarter Ziggurat bedroom walls
A soft and warm blue
For the bedrooms they used Resene Quarter Ziggurat. With a yellow chair... more
Resene Periglacial Blue bedroom walls
Blue view
She loves the dusky blue of Resene Periglacial Blue, which works in beautifully... more
Resene Smashing bedroom walls with white trim
Bold pure red
Resene Smashing with a white frame brings this bedroom to life... more
Resene Haystack and Resene Stun
Neutral background
The yellow tones of Resene Haystack made the space feel warmer and provided... more
Resene Celestial Blue bedroom walls
Attic delight
They added a skylight so the room is light enough to handle Resene Celestial Blue... more
Resene Quarter Sisal bedroom
Neutral palette
Resene Quarter Sisal, Resene Linen and gorgeous Resene Blanched Pink bedrooms... more
Colourful Resene Geraldine bedroom walls
Colourful and festive
This bedroom is finished in Resene Geraldine both colourful and festive... more
Resene Half Robin Egg Blue master bedroom walls and ensuite
Peaceful and calm
The master bedroom and ensuite are Resene Half Robin Egg Blue, peaceful and calm... more
Resene Lemon Twist walls in a south facing bedroom
Funky and warm
The south facing spare room is Resene Lemon Twist, a summer fresh yellow.. more
Bright Resene Flash Point bedroom
Scorching fire red
Resene Flash Point enables her to wake each morning and feel good about the day... more
Resene Escape  bedroom walls with stencil of Resene Wedgewood
French flair
Resene Escape is used on the walls and is painted over the existing wallpaper... more
Resene Thornton Cream walls and Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream trims
Sophisticated neutrals
Resene Thorndon Cream for the walls and Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream for the trim... more
Resene Iko Iko
Hints of the forest
This bedroom features Resene Iko Iko for a hint of a forest, neither warm nor cool... more
Resene Fandango on bedroom walls
Edwardian and sedate
Resene Fandango. It was as if it had been designed just for this bedroom... more
Vibrant Resene Lochmara on bedroom walls
Vibrant and refreshing
To finish the interior look, Resene Lochmara is used in the bedroom and library... more
Resene Half Milk White master bedroom walls
Modest and composed
Resene Half Milk White in the master bedroom and Resene Periglacial Blue in the ensuite... more
A feminine and Bohemian bedroom
Feminine fancy
Previously totally white, she wanted a bedroom that was feminine and bohemian... more
Resene Pirate for a boy's bedroom and the master bedroom
Red with a touch of gold
The master bedroom and their son's room are both finished in Resene Pirate... more
A guest bedroom painted with Resene Tax Break which is a vibrant Prussian blue
Vibrant prussian
In this guest bedroom she used Resene Tax Break which has a green undertone... more
The master bedroom is painted in Resene Quarter Lemon Grass for a springtime look
Springtime look
The master bedroom is painted in Resene Quarter Lemon Grass, a soft olive grey... more
Resene Cupid for a pink guest bedroom
Warm and welcoming
Resene Cupid is a cherubic pink and features here in her guest bedroom... more
Resene Cloud
All past pink
Painted in Resene Cloud, they chose the colour from a picture on the Resene Habitat page... more
Resene Lily
Feminine and elegant
Painted in Resene Lily, with the old oak bed and frilly wrought iron furniture... more
The master bedroom and ensuite features Resene Green Meets Blue
Green meets blue
The master bedroom and ensuite features Resene Green Meets Blue, Resene Half Napa... more
Resene Tea with Resene Alabaster trims
Totally perfect
The bedroom and ensuite is finished in Resene Tea with Resene Alabaster... more
Resene Red Earth feature wall
Brown tranquillity
This room has Resene Eighth Napa walls with a feature wall in Resene Red Earth... more
Resene Crisp Green
Glows with warmth and life
Guest room using Resene Crisp Green. Even though it is quite a deep green it... more
Elegant Resene White Pointer bedroom
Simple but elegant
Elegant interior colour scheme of Resene White Pointer and Resene Alabaster... more
Resene Sea Fog
Space and light
A similar palette has been used with Resene Greywacke swapped to Resene Sea Fog... more
Resene Friar Grey and Resene Stonehenge
Neutral tones
Resene Friar Grey and Resene Stonehenge to complement the lighting in each room... more
The master bedroom is painted in Resene Baltic Sea with Resene Miska trims
Contemporary - intrepid
She's painted her master bedroom floor to ceiling with Resene Baltic Sea... more
Resene Shalimar
Moon glow yellow
This bedroom has Resene Shalimar and Resene Arthouse on the inside of the closet... more
Resene Soya Bean
A relaxing quiet retreat
Resene Soya Bean with trims, doors and ceiling in Resene Quarter Spanish White... more
Resene Ziggurat
Tone on tone
Resene Ziggurat, Resene Tea and Resene Albescent White. Mixing 'tone on tone'... more
Resene Bounty
Tip top
This bedroom features Resene Bounty, a Provençal steel blue on the walls... more
Resene Blackberry bedroom
Nice to live in
Resene Blackberry is the perfect colour and to contrast it they chose Resene Rice Cake... more
Resene Gelato and Resene Genie
Frivolous and tricky
This bedroom has a feature wall in Resene Genie, a rosy cyclamen violet... more
Resene Quarter Tea walls
Helpful advice
Resene Quarter Tea walls and the ceilings are painted in Resene Eighth Tea... more
Resene Pearl Lusta
Popular classic cream
Resene Pearl Lusta was continued through to the two bedrooms and bathroom... more
Three metallic feature walls
Top to toe
To complete the look there are three metallic feature walls - one in the master bedroom... more
Resene Gelato
Pride in paint
The bedroom is finished in Resene Gelato, a graceful pale cherry pink... more
Resene Half Ash on the walls
Colours ‘inside and out’
Resene Half Ash on the walls and the ceilings are finished in Resene Eighth Ash... more
Resene Botticelli on feature wall
Warm and welcoming
They decided on Resene Botticelli because it brought the outside sea view into the room... more
Resene China Ivory in bedroom
Lovely and light
Resene China Ivory on the walls with feature walls using Resene wallpaper ... more
Resene Seagul
Calm and restful
Resene Seagull walls and Resene standard white for all the skirtings, ceiling... more
Resene Frontier
A rustic casual green
Resene Frontier is used on three of the walls in one bedroom... more
Resene Oxygen
Fresh soft airy grey blue
The master bedroom is now a serene sanctuary with Resene Oxygen walls... more
Resene Curious Blue
Colour lover
The Resene Curious Blue wall is stunning as a background for the headboard... more
Resene True Blue
Blue with a hint of violet
Master bedroom feature wall is Resene True Blue with other walls in Resene Milestone... more
Silver toned Resene Beyond
Beyond a muted mauve
Silver toned Resene Beyond in the master bedroom, both complementing... more
Resene Tea and Resene Napa
Feeling of spaciousness
The main bedroom walls are Resene Kenyan Copper and Resene Tea with Resene Napa... more
Resene Malibu
Mediterranean feel
Resene Malibu blue wall and the opposite wall has a horizontal stripe... more
Resene Bounty
Complementing the view
Resene Bounty has helped create a true grownups bedroom... more
Bedroom painted in gorgeous Resene Ashanti
Her bedroom, her favourite, has Resene Ashanti, an aqua influenced grey - gorgeous... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Comfort Zone
Refreshed and cool
It gets the morning sun and Resene Comfort Zone helps them to feel... more
Resene Tarot
A deep royal purple
These reflect the purple Resene Tarot wall behind the bed of the master bedroom... more
A hand painted feature wall
Bedroom haven
Resene Alabaster with a hand painted feature wall of Resene Antidote... more
Resene White Rock in bedroom
Whites and neutrals
Resene Sisal, Resene Joanna, Resene White Rock and Resene Double Spanish White... more
Bedroom with a feature wall in Resene Plum
Provocative and intense
Resene Tea on three of the walls, with a feature wall in Resene Plum a fruity purple... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Truffle
Soft warm beige
The colour scheme was continued into the master bedroom with Resene Truffle... more
Resene Eighth Ash in bedroom
Smoky beige elegance
Resene Eighth Ash in the bedroom and Resene Eighth Stack in their ensuite... more
Resene Citron in bedroom
Zesty and surprising
This bedroom is finished in Resene Citron, which has an acidic bite of green... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Half Cougar
Lovely peaceful feeling
Resene Half Cougar walls and Resene Black White for the windows and trim... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Cut Glass
A relaxing space
The walls are finished in Resene Cut Glass as it is a nice shade of blue that is relaxing... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Delta
Ochre tinged
Resene Delta on the walls complemented with Resene Quarter Delta... more
Resene Red Red Red in bedroom
Riotous and evolutionary
Resene Red Red Red glows a very bright red on this stunning feature wall... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Half Fossil
A versatile beige
Resene Half Fossil is their main theme, which gave them a good base to work with the other... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Paris Daisy
A fiesta of clear yellow
Wishing to wake up basked in sunshine, they chose Resene Paris Daisy for their master... more
Resene Travertine which has just a hint of greeny-blue
Green edged cream
Painted the soft tones of Resene Travertine, which has just a hint of greeny-blue... more
A non-neutral bedroom
Neutral no more
Transforming their space from boring bedroom to brilliant boudoir. It makes them smile... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Parchment
A minimalist scheme
Resene Parchment on the master bedroom wall is a light beige neutral... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Napa
Not pink
Resene Napa for the walls and Resene Half Napa for the wardrobe doors ... more
Resene Triple Spanish White bedroom walls
Studio apartment
The bedroom has Resene Triple Spanish White walls topped off with white Resene Ceiling Paint... more
Bedroom finished in Resene Wasabi green
A complex lime green
The guest bedroom was finished in Resene Wasabi so that they could easily add... more
Resene Foggy Grey walls
A feminine room
Resene Foggy Grey walls and the ceiling and architraves are in Resene Buttery White... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Amethyst Smoke
Warm and inviting
Resene Amethyst Smoke for a feature wall, which tones in well with the Resene Scotch Mist... more
Resene Fossil
A beige full of style
Gorgeous wallpaper and walls painted the lovely, calm and earthy tones of Resene Fossil... more
Bedroom with feature wall of Resene Double Caffeine
An aromatic brown
Resene Double Caffeine matches the duvet colour, other walls are Resene Spanish White... more
Bedroom in Resene Lemon Grass
Smoky grey green
This bedroom has been painted in Resene Lemon Grass, a smoky grey green... more
Resene Vista White bedroom
Moody white
Resene Vista White, a pink edged white graces this bedroom... more
Resene Zumthor on bedroom walls
A crisp icy off-white
The Resene Zumthor walls, while a second bedroom is finished in Resene Kidman... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Half Napa
A changeable neutral
They repainted their bedroom in Resene Half Napa which gave a completely different feel... more
Seaside themed bedroom
Seaside theme
The guest bedroom is seaside themed in Resene Mystic and Resene Horizon... more
Bedroom  of Resene Half Tea and Resene Quarter Tea
Clever fix
Resene Half Tea above dado and the doors, trims and dado rail in Resene Quarter Tea... more
Bedroom of Resene Midnight Express dark blue
An intrepid dark blue
The master bedroom is a bright sunny room so they have cooled it with Resene Midnight Express... more
Resene Kidman on bedroom walls
A romantic pink
Resene Kidman, a pink reminiscent of angora, pearls and champagne... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Pale Slate
Calm and cosy
Their bedroom is painted Resene Pale Slate that makes it very calm and cosy... more
Bedroom of Resene Napa and Resene House White
A zen feel
The bedroom was done with a Zen feel, using Resene Napa and Resene House White.. more
Bedroom of Resene Kingfisher Blue
Heritage room
Resene Kingfisher Blue, which is a delft blue and Resene Double Pearl Lusta... more
Resene Raptor Bedroom
Rural green
Resene Raptor, a green that is in symmetry with the rural outlook and Resene Half Rice Paper... more
Resene Double Pearl Lusta  bedroom walls
Sunny and light
Resene Double Pearl Lusta matches beautifully the crisp white and yellow curtains... more
Bedroom with Resene Wood Bark accents
Continuous flow
Resene Tea walls, with side tables and vase painted in Resene Wood Bark... more
Red, black and white bedroom
Red black and white
The theme continues into the closet with the inside in Resene Havoc... more
Resene Oilskin Bedroom
A complex brown
Resene Oilskin which brings out the richness of the beams with a glimpse of Resene Pohutukawa... more
Bedroom of Resene Green Mist
Restful and sedate
Resene Green Mist, a pale moss green features in the third bedroom... more
Bedroom with a dramatic feature wall
Dramatic feature wall
Resene Warmed Brown and rug feature with Resene Island Spice for the other walls... more
Bedroom of Resene Bordello
Resene Bordello, a flirty mid toned pink with a blue edge, adventurous and free spirited... more
Bedroom of Resene Echo Blue
Views of lake and hills
She selected Resene Echo Blue which will reflect the lavender and blues from the garden... more
Bedroom painted in paua colours
Paua colours
Resene Kingfisher Daisy, Resene Eastern Blue, Resene Viking and Resene Double Pearl Lusta... more
Resene Wan White with a feature wall of Resene Fireball bedroom
New look
Resene Wan White with a feature wall of Resene Fireball, a clean saturated orange... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Kidman
Modern yet timeless
Their bedroom is painted in Resene Kidman with woodwork in Resene Swirl... more
master Bedroom of Resene Half Joanna
A clean fresh neutral
Resene Half Joanna with a Resene Contessa headboard in the master bedroom... more
Bedroom of Resene Portland with Resene House White
Colour happy
This bedroom has a feature wall in Resene Portland with Resene House White... more
Bedroom with a painted feature wall
Inner change
The main bedroom was stripped back and replastered, then a feature wall painted... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Double Bison Hide
Warm buffalo grass beige
The back bedroom walls were finished in Resene Double Bison Hide... more
Bedroom of half Resene Citron
Zesty and surprising
This room features half Resene Citron which is an acidic bite of green... more
Bedroom painted in half Resene Sunflower
A blinding slash of yellow
Half Resene Sunflower glows on this bedroom wall bringing in the sunlight... more
Bedroom and ensuite in Resene Raven
Had to go
Resene Raven, a timeless grey blue, adorns the master bedroom and ensuite walls... more
Resene Rice Cake bedroom walls
Modern master
Resene Rice Cake was chosen for main walls with Resene Saddle for feature walls... more
Resene Lima
Works well
The bedroom has been finished in fresh tones of Resene Lima, a clean bright lime green... more
Bedroom with a feature wall painted in abstract shapes
Polished Paua shells
The feature wall was divided into four abstract shapes in a criss-cross pattern... more
Resene Echo Blue bedroom
Typical country house
The second bedroom once bright red is now softened with Resene Echo Blue... more
Bold Resene Cherry Pie feature wall
Cherry pie
The bold colour of Resene Cherry Pie zings against the neutral Resene Rice Cake... more

Room mix
Resene wallpaper was used, complemented by Resene Aviator and Resene Fruit Salad... more
Resene Sea Green bedroom
Clear toned blue green
The bedroom has been finished in fresh tones of Resene Sea Green... more
Neutral Bedroom
Resene neutrals
Resene Half Canterbury Clay walls and Resene Quarter Canterbury Clay cornices... more
Bedroom painted in Resene Paua
Electric violet blue
The master bedroom was painted in deep Resene Paua an electric violet blue... more
Resene Catalina Blue bedroom walls
The sky is the limit
The bedroom has been finished in fresh tones of Resene Catalina Blue, an airborne blue, ... more
Bedroom of Resene Heathered Grey paint and wallpaper
Comfortable and easy
Resene Heathered Grey matched beautifully the already chosen feature wallpaper... more
Resene Jacksons Purple bedroom walls
True blue
Resene Jacksons Purple is a funky and fresh blue more than a purple... more
Bedroom in Resene Havelock Blue
A rich spicy red
The bedroom has three walls of Resene Havelock Blue with the fourth Resene Pohutukawa... more
Bedroom featuer wall of Resene Ship Cove
Grey and violet hue
A feature wall behind the bedhead is in Resene Ship Cove a benign quiet blue... more
Resene Double Spanish White bdroom walls
From dull to delightful
Resene Double Spanish White combined with a feature wall in Resene Cab Sav... more
Resene Hot Chili and Luxor Gold bedrooms
Luxurious hues
From Resene Luxor Gold in the master bedroom, Resene Jelly Bean in the two bathrooms... more
Resene Espresso feature wall
Fashion colours
Resene Bronco walls with Resene Espresso master bedroom feature wall... more
Bedroom of Resene Blondee
Yellow warm cream
Resene Blondee on bedroom walls, and Resene Quarter Pravda in the bathroom... more
Resene Stonewall
Light, airy and spacious
Resene Stonewall on all the walls works just right and is not at all overpowering... more
Modern bedroom colours
A warm sandy brown
Resene Sandcastle complemented by Resene Cab Sav for the feature wall... more
Resene Coral and Resene Sepia Paint Colours
A limestone beige
Resene Coral walls offset with a well placed Resene Sepia feature wall... more
Resene Sidecar Paint
Radiating warmth
Resene Sidecar and topping off all rooms with the warm neutral Resene Half Pearl Lusta... more
A chic, cool and fresh neutral colour scheme.
Chic, cool and fresh
Resene Alabaster and Resene Drought. Both popular neutrals, provide the perfect backdrop... more
Drag Paint Effects
Using dragging effects
She used Resene English Sage as a basecoat over the wall then applied Resene Soft Apple... more
Resene Nepal and Double Spanish White Paint
Light and uplifting
Resene Nepal and Double Spanish White is a light uplifting colour scheme... more
Painting feature walls
Beautifully offset
Resene Napa for the walls complemented by a feature wall of Resene Deep Koamaru... more
Resene Bullitt bedroom
A rich navy
Blue provides continuity and appears in the master bedroom in the form of Resene Bullitt... more
Resene Oasis and Resene Eastside bedrooms
Dusky mauve and pink
Resene Oasis, with the bottom third of the master bedroom finished in Resene Eastside... more
Resene Lusty
Blast of colour
Resene Lusty is a stunning rich orange red, an elegant alternative to bright reds... more
Resene Hot Chile feature wall
A hint of burgundy
From Resene Hot Chile in the master bedroom,a very popular opulent red... more
Romantic Hideaway
A tranquil blue
The master bedroom - blue and white, necessitating the painting of lots of Rimu... more
Resene Chetwode Blue
Blue and green
The bedroom is finished in Resene Chetwode Blue with a Resene Christi trim... more
Bold bedroom colours
A bold purple hue
A scheme of Resene Kangaroo on the alcove and Resene Hot Purple for the rest of the room... more
Resene Red Berry bedroom walls
Berry red
Resene Red Berry in the bedroom, a vivid primary red inspired by summer fruits... more
Romantic Bedroom
A Gothic romantic feel
The bedroom was finished with a feature wall of Resene Pohutukawa to give it... more
Cool fresh neutrals
The combination of Resene Parchment accented by the Resene Bossanova feature wall... more
Colours of the sea
With orange pillows
She designed the new look room around Italian paintings and a striped Alfredo duvet cover... more
Blue modernisation with Resene Lucky Point
Blue lucky ceiling
The ceiling and walls were replastered and painted in Resene Lucky Point... more
Resene Half Tide bedroom walls
A cloudy beige
Resene Half Tide, a cloudy swirling eddy of beige on the walls with Resene Half Swirl... more
Resene Pavlova bedroom walls
A strong neutral cream
This bedroom is finished in Resene Pavlova, a strong neutral cream with a hint of green... more
Resene Dynamite bedroom feature wall
Set to blast
Resene Dynamite feature wall linked the spare bedroom into the rest of the house... more
Bedroom wall colours matched to a duvet
Art Deco master
Gaylene selected the duvet cover first and then matched the paint colour from there... more
Resene Curious Blue
Sky blue
Resene Curious Blue evocative of summer seas features in the second bedroom... more
Resene Tamarillo and Resene Spanish White bedroom
Intense and luxurious
Resene Tamarillo on the walls and skirting boards with Resene Spanish White ceiling... more
A bright feature wall of Resene Wasabi
Purple, green accessories
Resene Wasabi teamed with the existing Resene Half Spanish White walls... more
a bedroom with light trims and colourful walls
A muted sensual shade
Resene Falcon on the walls and wardrobe doors. To complement this Resene White Linen... more

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Room makeover series

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