Decorating tips for forgotten spaces

Everyone talks about their kitchen renovation or newly refurbished living room. But what about inspiring home design in the laundry, home office or patio?

These smaller spaces still deserve special attention. Remember, it's not just the main rooms that make an impact – even if your home has a stunning living area, it's going to be let down by a shabby smaller areas throughout your property.

Here are some decorating tips for those sometimes forgotten – but still important – zones in your house. 

The laundry

Your home's laundry might not be your favourite place if you're frequently washing clothes, linen and sports gear for the whole family.

However, the process of getting the washing done can be markedly less painful if you've got a laundry that's been fitted out with the right storage solutions. Plus, the right lick of paint will make all the difference too.

Consider coating the walls with Resene Bambina for a touch of subtle colour, without straying too far into candy-pink territory. A hue like Resene Breeze paired with stripes in the ever-playful Resene Origin

When it comes to layout, consider stacking your dryer on top of your washing machine (if both are front loaders), provided the latter can bear the weight of the former. 

Overhead shelves painted a crisp shade of white are a must if you want easy access to laundry powder, fabric softener and other essentials. Rather than digging through cupboards, you can easily access the items as you need them. 

Ditch old-fashioned lace curtains that adorn many laundries in place of neutral curtains or contemporary blinds. Be sure to ventilate the space frequently to avoid mould build-up, leaving the room fresh and clean.

The home office

It's easy to neglect this space, particularly if you're not a fan of working from home.

For many, getting in and out of the home office as quickly as possible is a habit if the space is poorly decorated, cold and in no way enjoyable.

Greens and blues are easy to concentrate with if you're planning to be in your office for long stretches of time. If your office hours are shorter, bring some colour into the space to get your creative juices flowing – shades like orange, yellow and red are invigorating and sure to inspire. A brightly coloured sofa ensures you've got a spot to brainstorm or doodle, before taking newly conceived ideas to your desk to develop further. Embrace these hues when choosing a desk lamp, chair and artwork, too. Bright paintings in beige frames are a great pick.

Soft carpet in a home office will keep the space cosy. Opt for a thick-pile that's sure to feel soft underfoot. Pick a neutral shade like tan or forest green for the floor and opt for a similar shade on the walls or something a bit bolder like Resene Submerge.

A massive world map on the wall is also a welcome touch for a home office. You might find the room  is so cosy and perfect for idea generation that the kids want to use it as a homework space as well.

The patio

This outdoor space is perfect for hosting friends and family, but it's important to keep it in top condition.

Keep the deck well-oiled with Resene Woodsman Decking Stain and give surrounding beams and exterior window frames a fresh lick of paint.

Outdoor furniture that complements your home's exterior shade looks excellent and is a simple way to add colour to your yard. An oversize flowerpot bursting with geraniums or grasses looks striking as well.

Finally, consider hanging a hammock filled with bold cushions at one corner. This will encourage more family members to use the space and add a touch of charm to the patio too – happy swinging!

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