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Homestyle magazine

View a collection of paint projects, trends, and fashion colours from Homestyle magazine

Comfort zones

Comfort zones
Layer complementary colours and tons of texture...

Frieze frame

Frieze frame
Trim a space with a classic decoration made simpler...

Wow ok

Wow ok
Wrap your head around a bit of Barbiecore for fun...

Squiggle it

Squiggle it
We wanna see you get artsy around the edges in your young ones' bedroom...

Bedroom colour blocked zone

Gold-y blocks
Make your bedroom just right with zones in honey-ish hues and other shades...

A Mediterranean-styled table

Let's do lunch
A Mediterranean-styled table on your deck, or in your backyard...

Retro kitchen painted in earthy tones and painted floor

Pow factor
Primary colours pop within an earthy scheme that also puts a twist on...

Painted entryway and tile patterned floor

Choc full
Cocoa-ish colours and textures for an entry that’s an all-around treat...

Nook here

Nook here
Turn your attention to a built-in detail that’s technically tucked away...

Stain a plywood wall

Combine different woods and stains for a cohesive look...

Make an outdoor room

Inside out
Reinvent your courtyard as a sheltered exterior room...

Vintage filmset inspiration

As scene
Lights, camera and interior action in spaces that recall cinematic magic...

Paint a bench seat

Dining sweet
A nostalgic, restaurant inspired setting for good nights in...

Colourwashed mural

Home comfort
This colour-washed mural has a reassuring old-timey...

Paint borders for an dramatic effect

Outer limits
Give a space a colourful edge with painted borders...

Textured paint effects

Touch of paradise
This sun-drenched courtyard brings the feels with a clever textural effect...

Painting the floors and walls with decorative effects

Outside the lines
Go rogue in high style by using paint in unexpected places...

Citrus segments

Citrus segments
Swap neutral colours for fruity hues in well-positioned blocks...

On trend colours

Get up on this
There’s a look for every aesthetic – what’s your jam?...

Painted entranceway stripe

Make an entrance
Turn an everyday thoroughfare into a home highlight...

Timeless hues

Live forever
Set a mood you’ll want to stick with using timeless hues...

Moonlight shadow rainbow colours

Imagine that - Moonlight shadow
This richly toned rainbow ‘headboard’ invites the soundest of sleeps...

Using bold colours

Imagine that - Eye spy
Excite an enquiring mind with a playroom mural...

Soothing colours for a bedroom

Lay low
Soothing blues and browns make for a sleep space you’ll be happy to...

Using bold colours

Panel discussion
Okay, let’s talk about bold colours – how do you combine them...

A chic bach

Escape plan
Everyone knows the best baches are simple and low-maintenance...

Gender neutral kids murals

Looks like fun
Here are two gender-neutral mural ideas that are neat for kids...

Frame the view

All I see is you
Frame the view inside or out to create a dynamic work of ever-changing art...

Soft focus - how to colourwash walls

Soft focus
Colourwashed walls in a calming dusty nude blur...

Winter's Tale

Winter's tale
We like to think of the rainy season as a good reason for some guilt-free...

Industrial moodboard

Hanging out
This handy industrial moodboard makes for an easy Saturday afternoon project...

Hold me closer

Hold me closer
If it all gets a bit much, retreat to a space where moody blue...

Combining paint colours

We go together
We all have one of those friends, the type who knows just how to...

Childrens bedroom colours

Wonder walls
A couple of easy ways to create sleep spaces for children...

Herringbone painted floor effect

Team players
How to create a green and off-white herringbone effect floor...

Create a cute abstract mobile

Art mobile
Learn how to create a cute abstract mobile with these instructions...

Pretty painted handles make handy hangers

Coloured knobs
Pretty painted handles make handy hangers and double as cute...

Create an indoor activities mat

Activities mat
Create a designated spot to enjoy the great indoors...

Tropical patterned planters

Tropical patterned planters
Use bold patterns and colours to create your own leafy outdoor oasis...

A Memphis setting

A Memphis setting
The wild stylings of the 80s Memphis design movement are back...

How to make a pegboard organiser, a great addition to your entranceway

Make an entrance
This pegboard organiser is a great addition to your entranceway...

Abstract graphic headboard

Make it shine
Create your own abstract graphic headboard with a simple stencil...

Child's play

Child's play
Creating a space for active play is easy with magnetic, chalk and...

Make a wall hanging

Paint and peel
Use this simple technique, paint and peel, and make a wall hanging...

Courtyard project

Courtyard project
How to create coloured and textured effects for your planters...

Making economic use of space in a caravan refit

Home on wheels
You don’t need a lot of space to feel like your at home...


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