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Designed to replace the client’s earthquake damaged villa, the brief for this house was simple – “A humble form that references Christchurch mid-century style, uses honest materials and is light, open and airy but also comfortable and homely”.

Presented as two independent gables connected by a flat roofed vestibule, the plan takes full advantage of the site to create a variety of flexible internal and external spaces. Living areas are focused towards the north in order to maximise on natural lighting and passive heating. These spaces interact with a private, covered courtyards space, making the house perfect for entertaining.

Back courtyard with entertaining area

The house’s three bedrooms are efficiently sized and represent the client’s desire to focus the design on a house that can be enjoyed most while awake and not asleep in bed. For this reason, the northernmost of the three bedrooms has an accentuated connection to the public internal and external areas of the house, identifying it as a possible second living space.

Referencing the existing building, screens for scented climbing plants are used throughout the design. The intention is that these will foster the growth of honeysuckle – a scented climber that was a major feature of the existing house’s garden.

The client has a love of colour which was evident in her existing villa. It was therefore decided early in the project that colour should feature in abundance alongside natural, but low maintenance materials.

Kitchen and orange drawers

Wall shelf with custom beam

Internally, the client desired light and airy spaces. Because of the internal height of the living space and the abundance of natural light in the house, it meant this could be achieved without needing to resort to lighter neutrals, and instead braver and more distinctive colours were chosen for each of the rooms.

The inspiration for these colours was again derived from the earthiness of the COLORSTEEL® Scoria cladding. The choices are intended to reference the surrounding environment as the eye moves from the earth to the sky, from the flora inspired green of Resene Norway in the master bedroom and ensuite, to the moody sky blue of Resene Longitude in the kitchen and the sunset hued pink of Resene Sakura in the bathroom, every colour leaves its own distinctive impression while fully referencing both the abundant natural finishes, and the other colours in the scheme.



Dining room


Resene Longitude in the kitchen is teamed with Resene Quarter Merino, a colour that flows into the hallway as full strength Resene Merino. A pop of bold Resene Energise is used on cabinetry for a surprising fun contrast. The remaining bedrooms are painted in soothing Resene Secrets and Resene Ashanti. Ceilings and trim are lightly warmed throughout painted in Resene Eighth Spanish White. The interior is painted Resene Zylone Sheen on walls in dry areas, with Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss on trim and joinery.

Being beside a minor arterial road in Christchurch requires that a certain level of sound attenuation be achieved from the outside to the inside of a new dwelling. This required large amounts of mass from the walls facing the street, which was difficult to achieve in the lightweight timber construction. Thankfully the design team were able to achieve the desired mass with Resene Integra AAC panel in combination with some extra layers of GIB lining inside. This presented an opportunity to introduce a natural finish to the exterior of the building, using a Resene plaster finish that looks very similar to polished concrete. Pergola posts were finished in Resene Waterborne Woodsman in Resene Pitch Black.



Concrete exterior walls for soundproofing

Architectural specifier: Don Jamieson Architecture.
Building contractor: Graham Creed.
Photographer: Dennis Radermacher.
Project: Resene Total Colour Awards 2019

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Resene Total Colour Awards 2019


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