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Summer of blues

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Duck egg blue comes in a range of shades and can look beautifully sophisticated when used as a backdrop in a restrained and elegant design.

From super formal spaces that would be suitable for royalty – such as the 16th century French queen who popularised it, Marie Antoinette – to classic country kitchens, it’s a hue that’s virtually unmatched in its versatility.

Elegant muted blue tones Duck egg blue mood board
Mood board Project photo
Mood board: Background in Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from bottom of pile to top) Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Unwind, Resene Quarter Tea, Resene Raindance, Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue and Resene Slipstream. Rattan mirror in Resene Raindance, palm tree vase in Resene Quarter Tea with palm tree in Resene Raindance and tea light holder in Resene Slipstream. 

In this warm and inviting contemporary living room, Resene Duck Egg Blue walls and Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue floors introduce subtle and appealing colour to a space decorated primarily with other pale blues and neutrals. It’s the sort of look that’s just as ideal for a beachside bach as it is for your everyday home.

While it’s a soft and delicate shade, Resene Duck Egg Blue can hold its own in a rustic context, making it a great pairing for rougher natural materials like rattan, jute and kete or even boho cotton macramé. With another light wall or flooring colour, the woven accessories in this space might feel too coarse for the level of comfort that’s evident here. The choice to paint the woven pendant lamp Resene Raindance and the raised planter in Resene Quarter Tea also helps to soften them, helping the blend better into the colour palette of the room without losing the visual texture and interest that they bring.

To add to the tropical feel, we painted a wide, flat vase we found in an op shop in Resene Quarter Tea and then used a palm tree shaped stencil to apply the image in Resene Raindance.

Elegant muted blue tones Mood board
Mood board Entryway
Mood board: Background in Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from bottom of pile to top) Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Unwind, Resene Quarter Tea, Resene Raindance, Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue and Resene Slipstream. Small vase in Resene Raindance and palm tree vase in Resene Quarter Tea with palm tree in Resene Raindance.

The coffee table and mirror are painted in slightly more saturated Resene Unwind and Resene Raindance respectively to add some subtle tonal contrast while the jug vase in Resene Raindance, the bowls in Resene Raindance, the tea light holder in Resene Slipstream, the tray in Resene Quarter Tea and the hook rack in Resene Truffle punctuate the room have been colour matched to the soft furnishings to help carry those colours further around the space. The green of the plants helps break up the blues and create additional texture.

Other colours that look brilliant with duck egg blue are velvety mauves such as Resene Memory Lane, Resene Sixth Sense or Resene Waterloo, cool whites such as Resene Half Black White, Resene Half Merino or Resene Half Sea Fog, or deep slate blues such as Resene Fast Forward, Resene Navigate or Resene Undercurrent.

Resene Memory Lane

Resene Sixth Sense

Resene Fast Forward

You can also gently nudge duck egg blue toward a more modern feel by picking a shade that contains a little more depth than the more classic powdery version such as Resene Opal, Resene Sea Nymph or Resene Sorrento. While these variations still offer the same welcoming, easy-going vibe, they also have a bit more weight to them, making them suitable as a backdrop to contemporary furniture and a pared-down aesthetic. For a more understated look, try them with a rich cerulean blue like Resene Aviator, a smoky and exotic brown like Resene Moroccan Spice or a classic cream like Resene Pearl Lusta. For a more vibrant look, pair them with pops of a pomegranate like Resene Code Red, a feminine fuchsia like Resene Pink Ribbon or a bitter orange like Resene Twisted Sister.

Resene Pink Ribbon

Resene Twisted Sister

Paint: Wall in Resene Duck Egg Blue, Floor in Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue, Hall table in Resene Slipstream, Coffee table in Resene Unwind, Bamboo pot stand in Resene Quarter Tea, Pendant in Resene Raindance, Mirror in Resene Raindance, Vase in Resene Raindance, Vase painted in Resene Quarter Tea with Palm Tree Stencil in Resene Raindance, Bowls in Resene Raindance, Tea light holder in Resene Slipstream, Tray in Resene Quarter Tea, Hook rack in Resene Truffle.

Accessories: Hugo 3-Seater Sofa in Natural Weave, from Me & My Trend; Round Madras Rug Atlantis Deco Object (on stand); Edie Scale White Mug; Rosedale Rattan White washed coasters; Cavaia Tea Light; all from Freedom Furniture; Downloadable beach prints from Etsy; Designers Guild Cushion in Pale Aqua from Allium; Round Dalia Cushion and Bamboo Pot Stand, from Kmart; Home Republic Malmo Linen Throw in Mist, Malmo Linen Cushion in Mist both from Adairs; Shoes, clothes, books, plants and all other props are stylist’s own.

Colours used in "summer of blues" room...

Resene Raindance

Resene Slipstream

Styling by Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by Bryce Carleton. 2019

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