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The latest looks in... grey and black

Love grey and black? Get inspired with colour and the latest decorating and colour trends! If you're getting ready for your next decorating journey, browse through these beautiful mood boards, paints, colours and decorating ideas to help you select just the right look and mood for your space.

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Filter:  kids | blues | greens | yellows | neutrals | oranges/browns | pinks/reds | greys/blacks | violets | pops-of-colour/multi-colour

Use soft blacks and saturated dark hues in your chic lounge
Chic and cocooning
The rise in popularity of soft blacks and saturated dark hues - these richer darker hues can feel luxurious... more
Use accent colours to change the look of your lounge
Live out loud

To better demonstrate the impact that even small paint projects and accessories can make... more
Feature frames
Feature frames

It’s never been easier to transform your simple wall into a grand battened space or resurrect a forgotten corner... more
Memphis minimalism
Memphis minimalism

Known for its use of bright primary colours, geometric shapes, and dynamic patterns the Memphis Movement is back... more
Turn a coffee table into a chess board
Check mate

Painting a chess board directly on to a coffee table or side table can give you a stylish feature... more
Make an outside patio area
Backyard as a bonus space

Making the most of your outside space has never been more important... more
Face value
Face value

Discover your inner artist with a Bauhaus inspired wall mural for your lounge... more
Block it out
Block it out

You might have to get a little creative to steal back space from an area that has another purpose... more
Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink

Create a soft pink and grey space where you can prepare for the day ahead in peace... more

Transform your lounge into a film noir set with clever greyscale styling... more
Get smart
Get smart

A hallway with a smart black and beige colour palette is the perfect welcome note for a home’s entrance... more
Black and white apartment with yellow highlights
Pattern play

Is there any colour combination more classic than black and white? A duo like no other, designers and decorators... more
Paint a mural on your lounge or bedroom
Room with a view

It's simple to create a landscape–inspired mural in your lounge or bedroom... more
Grey on grey bedroom ideas
Going grey grey grey

If you're looking for grey bedroom ideas, you're in good company... more
An smart touch headboard for lighting
Inspired by art

Stuck in a rut and need inspiration? Look to the arts for ideas. Floral art, photography, textile design, art forms... more
Five different colour choices
One room, different personalities

Needing a colour makeover in your living room but don't want to spend the earth?... more
Moody dark pallet
Finely toasted

To keep smouldering hues from swallowing up the space, balance things out with softer shades... more
Tropical bedroom
Tropical goes sophisticated

This colour scheme takes the tropical concept for a more sophisticated spin... more
Deep cool colours for bedrooms
Velvet dark

A sophisticated look for an outdoor living space. Settle in for some relaxing outdoors time... more
A den for everyone
Monochrome magic

There's a reason why deep cool colours are so popular for bedrooms... more
Schist green living
It’s all in the layers

This sophisticated room is an easily achievable, classic look brought right up to date... more
Meet the super neutrals
Meet the super neutrals

Turn a forgotten corner into a modern reading nook with super neutrals from Resene... more
Colour block
Colour block

Why not pick a bold colour that you love, and create a block of beautiful colour?... more
Dressing for the seasons
Dressing for the seasons

Some paint colours are just made for flexibility. White is one of them, and black and charcoal are others... more

Gallery pg.  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Filter:  kids | blues | greens | yellows | neutrals | oranges/browns | pinks/reds | greys/blacks | violets | pops-of-colour/multi-colour


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