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Seasonal switch-outs

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Seasonal transitions often inspire an adjustment to everyday life.

Much like you change up your wardrobe when the weather gets warmer or cooler, a change of seasons is the perfect time to spruce up the design scheme of your home, inside and out. Rotating your decor allows you to take advantage of all of the wonderful colours, patterns and textures out there and avoid the boredom that can lead to impulsive purchases that clutter up your home.

Warm lounge in blue hues Mood board
Mood board Warm lounge in blue hues
Warm room — mood board: Background in Resene Indian Ink and wiped with a clean rag dipped in Resene Sea Fog. Tray in Resene Escape, vase in Resene Lazy River, tea light holders in Resene Lazy River (left) and Resene Indian Ink (right) and A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top to bottom) Resene Indian Ink, Resene Lazy River, Resene Casper, Resene Escape and Resene Sea Fog.  Paint: Walls in Colorwood Woody Bay, Floors painted in Resene Sea Fog, Sideboard painted in Resene Casper, Coffee table painted in Resene Indian Ink with Resene Sea Fog wiped on as ‘white wash’, Tray painted in Resene Escape, Vase (with palm leaf) in Resene Lazy River, Tea light holder Resene Lazy River, White rattan votive in Resene Sea Fog, Textured vase (on sideboard) in Resene Escape, Pendant painted in Resene Sea Fog. 

Plywood walls have been all the rage lately. If you like the look of woodgrain but are looking to bring some deeper colour in your space, try staining them with Resene Colorwood Woody Bay – a midnight blue timber stain. The look is striking, and it can be a surprisingly versatile base to build out a scheme that’s simple to change as the weather turns from warm to cool – especially when teamed with floors in a classic greyed white like Resene Sea Fog.

While you will likely not have plans to buy big ticket items like new furniture or drapes for each season – or space to store them – making a few changes can do wonders for perking up your home. But just because you’re looking for versatility in your furniture doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. We used Resene Casper for the sideboard in this space, a softly greyed blue that works just as well as a neutral. When it came to the coffee table, we painted it in a base layer of deep dark Resene Indian Ink. After it had dried completely, we then used a clean, dry cloth to wipe on a thin layer of Resene Sea Fog to give it a weathered ‘whitewashed’ look that fits in perfectly with the beachy feel of the rest of the space. The same approach was used on the decorative screen, which was first painted in Resene Felix before it was wiped with Resene Sea Fog.

Mood board
Lounge blues details
Accessories: Palm Springs Sofa and Chair, Madras round rug all from Freedom; Tilly Home Goa Rattan bottle from Farmers; Beach Swell A3 Print by Simply Creative; Blue glasses from The Warehouse; Tube Glass Jug from Citta; Home Republic Palm House basket in blue and Areca faux palm, key west indigo palm cushion, Malmo linen cushions in denim and sky and malmo linen throw in denim all from Adairs.

While it’s fairly straightforward to think about textural changes in terms of textiles as the seasons switch – namely, to lighten up in the summer and go cosy in the winter – it’s worth noting that texture is not only picked up by our sense of touch but with our eyes, too. Our eyes can tell our brain whether something is rough, fuzzy, smooth, shiny or chunky simply by looking at it – and both colour and pattern play a part in that.

When the weather’s warm, light and breezy linens and palm printed fabrics keep things light. But for winter, think warm and soft fabrics. Choose upholstery that makes you want to touch it: suede and velvet are great choices because of their comfort factor. Richer, darker colours and heavier patterns can also work well in the colder months. Cushions in super soft flannels and chunky knit throws help make this space extra cosy after the mercury drops.

Cool blue lounge Mood board - cool tones
Mood board -cool tones Cool blue lounge
Cool room — mood board: Background in Resene Sea Fog, vases in Resene Sea Fog (large) and Resene Indian Ink (small), coaster in Resene Casper and A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top to bottom) Resene Indian Ink, Resene Thunder Road, Resene Lazy River, Resene Casper, Resene Escape and Resene Felix.  Paint: Walls in Resene Colorwood Woody Bay, Floors painted in Resene Sea Fog, Sideboard painted in Resene Casper, Coffee table painted in Resene Indian Ink with Resene Sea Fog wiped on as a ‘white wash’, Pendant painted in Resene Sea Fog, Textured pot on sideboard in Resene Felix, Screen painted in Resene Felix with Resene Sea Fog wiped on as ‘white wash’, Basket in Resene Felix, Tall vase in Resene Indian Ink, Coasters in Resene Casper, Bowl on coffee table in Resene Thunder Road, White vase on side table in Resene Sea Fog, Tea light votive holder (on sideboard) in Resene Thunder Road.

In the warmer months, lighter coloured details like the tray and textured vase in Resene Escape, vase (with the palm frond), tea light holder in Resene Lazy River and rattan votive holder in Resene Sea Fog help create a sense of levity within the space while the bud vase in Resene Sea Fog, basket and textured pot (on sideboard) in Resene Felix, tall vase in Resene Indian Ink, coasters in Resene Casper, votive holder (on sideboard) and a bowl (on coffee table) in Resene Thunder Road flesh out the winter colour scheme when the temperature outside is colder.

Area rugs really have a way of pulling an entire room together. What’s best about these floor coverings is that they’re portable and versatile, so take advantage of how they can easily transition your space from one season to the next. In this space, a woven seagrass mat is brought out in the summer while a softer woollen one works better for winter.

Lounge warmer blue tones
Lounge warmer blue table
Accessories: Palm Springs Sofa and Chair, Akram rug all from Freedom; Checked Wool blanket from Ezibuy; Brown cotton velvet cushion cover, Navy Bento woven cushion from Citta; Malmo grey linen cushion from Adairs; Cable knit navy throw (in basket) and cushion both from Bed Bath and Beyond; Crawley Edge boatshed downloadable Print from etsy/middlevillageshop; All other props are stylist’s own.

Instead of purchasing a warm weather area rug, which are often rough to the touch, why not paint one onto your floor that coordinates with your summer scheme? In the colder months, you can cover it up with a soft, chunky rug that goes with your cool weather palette so that you’ll always have visual texture on your floor that’s gentle on the toes.

Resene Lazy River

Resene Thunder Road

Styling by Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by Melanie Jenkins. 2019

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