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The latest looks in... blue

Love blue? Get inspired with colour and the latest decorating and colour trends using a blue colour scheme! If you're getting ready for your next decorating journey, browse through these beautiful mood boards, paints, colours and decorating ideas to help you select just the right look and mood for your space.

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A Hampton's style living room
Hamptons living

Light, bright and whitewashed with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that comes across as effortless and calming... more
A home music studio
Strike a chord

Bringing a touch of energetic colour and musical motifs to a part of a shared room... more
Maximalism with wallpaper and bold colours in your bedroom
More is more

It’s by no means a new concept; wealthy people have used maximalism to showcase their riches for centuries... more
A handpainted wall swirly mural for your dining room
Different strokes

Fluid designs and vibrant colours are perfect for lending fresh character and beauty to walls... more
Mix patterns and paints in one colour to create a unified look
Pattern play

If you’re a beginner at pattern mixing, a great place to start is with cushions and pillowcases... more
Checkerboard inspired patterns for your home
Check please

This feel-good print that is fun, stems from the newfound obsession that brought us cottagecore... more
Pale blue bedroom with dramatic contrasting dark arch doorway
Trusty dusty blues

These more saturated hues also offset the lighter ones, creating the effect that the bedroom itself is ‘glowing’... more
Art Deco or Moroccan - inspired arch shaped doorway fpr your lounge
Flip the script

Art Deco or Moroccan-inspired arch shaped doorways can allow greater light and flow from one space to another... more
Hamptons inspired lounge in neutrals or coastal blues
Bring the Hamptons home
The casual luxury of a Hamptons-inspired interior is hard to resist, and its quintessential low-key elegance... more
Use accent colours to change the look of your lounge
Live out loud

To better demonstrate the impact that even small paint projects and accessories can make... more
Dining room feature walls grey with burgandy blue and red
Dial up the drama

The way we typically design homes has evolved since separate dining rooms were a standard inclusion... more
Bedroom greys with orange and yellow or dark green accents
Casual comfort

Your bedroom is where you spend a third of the hours in your day, choose a light or dark palette... more
Classic meets quirky in blue hues
Classic meets quirky

Timeless and classic, blue has long been one of the most popular colours throughout history... more
Using dyanamic patterns in a space
Walls that move you

Adding a dynamic pattern to a space can be a great way to bring movement and interest to it... more
At home with French country
At home with French country

Create a state of nature in your home and bring the outside in with this classic French country design... more
Hamptons living
Hamptons living

Light, bright and whitewashed with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that comes across as effortless and calming... more
Scandinavian design - dining and lounge
Nordic exposure

If you strongly believe that there's beauty in simplicity, Scandinavian design is for you... more
Create a hotel syled bedroom luxury
Hotel at home

Creating the look of a luxury hotel room at home can still create the opportunity for self-care... more
Decorate the spare bedroom
Gussy up the guest room

Choosing paint colours for a guest bedroom can be a great opportunity to experiment and have a bit of fun... more
Moody navy blue lounge with bright accents
Take the plunge with navy blue

Navy blue is among the most versatile hues in colour schemes and decorating styles... more
Paint an outside pool mural inspired by california
Poolside style with a splash of glamour

Palm Springs style - pairing popular mid-century design elements with a playful flair for colour... more

Lure out your creative side and get graphic with paint in a way that will leave a lasting impression... more
It's a breeze
It's a breeze

Create an outdoor shower inspired by the sea. Using aqua hues will transform your outdoor shower... more
New life
New life

Repurposing current household favourites in soothing new hues and calming tonal colour schemes... more
A warm welcome
A warm welcome

Stepping into a stunning hallway sets the tone for what’s in store throughout the rest of a home... more
Easy breezy
Easy breezy

A holiday home is somewhere we spend our precious time, with the idea of getting away from it all... more
Get out more
Get out more

This palette champions a selection of Resene blues and whites that subtly convey a seaside theme... more
Coastal christmas
Coastal christmas

It makes sense to embrace these blue beach-inspired hues at Christmas time... more
One outdoor look, two ways
One outdoor look, two ways

If you’re fortunate to have your own outdoor area, treat it as an extension of your internal living space... more
Dressed to impress
Dressed to impress

Dark sea greens and pale blues come together in a dressing room you’ll never want to leave... more
In reverse
In reverse

If you have a long span of wall, you could add tongue-and-groove panelling or wainscotting... more
Setting the bar high
Setting the bar high

An intimate corner with an elegant bar cart and a cosy, layered blue setting makes for the perfect sophisticated spot... more
Frozen beach blues bach
Frozen beach blues bach

View a beach bach's bedroom, living room, and hallway, all painted in calming Resene blue's... more
Ahead of the curve
Ahead of the curve

This Art Deco inspired office nook features generous curves, warming saturated hues and graphic contrast... more
Pinstriped blue bedroom
Pretty in pinstripe

The ever-charming English countryside is practically synonymous with rest and relaxation... more
Relaxing grey organic themed lounge
Self care space

The trick to creating a self-care space is to think about the things that make you feel happy... more
Reading nook -art deco inspiration
Reading ready

For the past two years, shapes, motifs, colours and finishes reminiscent of the Art Deco era have been all the rage... more
Monstera themed bathroom
Monstera bathroom

They're one of those places that don't need to be formal, nor do they need to match or coordinate with other rooms... more
Peacefull blue calming lounge
Stress buster blues

The colours we choose to decorate with have been shown to have enormous emotional impacts on us... more
Danish and Norwegian inspired teal bedroom
Hygge at heart

Hygge (pronounced hyoo-gah) is the Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfort... more
An adults nautical themed bedroom
Sailing away

A bedroom like this, which carries a strong nautical theme, can be a fun way to bring that love for sailing ashore... more
Nautical themed relaxing room with your personal style
Smooth sailing

If there is one thing that we have come to realise, it's that everyone needs a place to call their own... more
Retro eighties inspired dining room
Eighties for the twenties

With the cyclic nature of fashion and design, 80s looks are a hit among the hip crowd. Retro design elements... more
Classic tones, enduring looks
Lasting appeal

Get inspired by the everyday with these classic tones and enduring palettes... more
Triangled mural to define a reading nook

With an open plan layout, you don't always have walls to rely on to provide definition between different areas... more
Art inspired colour choices
Art starter

Once you've found some that you really love, why not use it to inspire a colour palette... more
Paint an floral mural in your lounge
Positively painterly

In this lounge, a wall in Resene Solitude has been given a gorgeous painterly treatment... more
Paint a plant mural on your lounge wall
Succulently lined

Created with a continuous line in Resene Midnight Express, this wall has been completely brought to life... more
Artwork inspired personal colour palette for your dining room
Repetition and rhythm

The artwork you choose for your space should feel very personal and can inspire a colour palette... more
Terrazzo mural inspired bathroom wall
Terrazzo on tap

Paint a terrazzo feature wall in dramatic colours and random shapes to transform your bathroom... more
Blue on blue bedroom
Oceans of blue

In a subtropical climate like ours, it's easy to be drawn to an ocean-inspired colour palette full of beachy blues... more
Secret storage - storage solutions for you home
We love – secret storage

Identify unused space and find the right combination of furniture, containers and shelving... more
An smart touch headboard for lighting
Inspired by art

Stuck in a rut and need inspiration? Look to the arts for ideas. Floral art, photography, textile design, art forms... more
Pale blues for your summer look
Summer of blues

Duck egg blue comes in a range of shades and can look beautifully sophisticated when used as a backdrop... more
Change the look for seasons
Seasonal switch-outs

Rotating your decor allows you to take advantage of all of the wonderful colours, patterns and textures out there... more
Blues colour pallette for your lounge
Blues to live in

The colour of both the sky and sea, blue tones are said to evoke clarity and pureness... more
Dark and stormy blues and greys
Dark and stormy

Moody navy blues are making waves in the interior design world... more
Five different colour choices
One room, different personalities

Needing a colour makeover in your living room but don't want to spend the earth?... more
Memphis design
Memphis moves

The loud colours and zany patterns of the Memphis design movement have snuck their way back... more
Outdoor greens come inside your lounge
Homework zone

A home workspace can be much more transient than it used to be... more
Moody dark pallet
Beautiful in blue green

Aqua is at the front edge of trending interior colours at the moment, for walls, painted furniture, accents... more
Teal shades in your bedroom
Get a feel for teal

Aquas and teals are splashing into interiors right now. Try doubling down and teaming them together... more
Turquoise in the bathroom
Signature liveliness

Turquoise is one of most calming and soothing colours you could use to make your space feel relaxing... more
Find your focal point
Find your focal point

Bathrooms and ensuites are the ideal place to try out dark or vibrant colours or wallpapers... more
Complementary colours
A study in contrast

Decorating with complementary colours can be a challenging look to pull off, but when everything comes together... more
Dramatic entryway
Embrace the dark

There’s a dramatic colour trend doing the rounds – dark tone-on-tone rooms... more
Deep cool colours for bedrooms
Modern reds

This boldly beautiful space showcases the new trend for striking reds... more
Outdoor greens come inside your lounge
Splashing out

The room-defining painted rug feature, inspired by agate, makes a statement... more
Cape cod look
A classic beachy Cape Cod look

Nothing says relaxed beach style more than a range of soft blues, pale greys and seafoam whites... more
Grey blues kitchen styles
Grey-blues meet copper

Grey-blues and copper tones are a match made in heaven as this dreamy tonal blue kitchen shows... more
Duck egg blue three ways
One room, three ways: duck egg blue

We’re not sure there’s any colour that’s been quite as pervasive in the interior design world as duck egg blue... more
Character darks
Character darks

Dark exteriors have always held appeal. Black-painting weatherboards gives a house a smart urban look... more
Schist green living
The new neutrals

Our concept of what's a neutral colour is changing. No longer are we talking only about whites, creams, beiges... more
Blue wavy bedroom
Waves of blue

Swirled to sleep Swirly waves of colour inspired by the lapping sea create a calm and peaceful environment... more
Deeply geo
Deeply geo

Keeping it charming, cosy and oh-so-modern in this strong blue and grey look... more
Pink meets blue
Pink meets blue

This delicious living room has a softly Californian retro vibe while using a very up-to-date colour – millennial pink... more
A jewl in India's crown
A jewel in the crown

A visit to the land of maharajas, medieval forts, palaces and festivals, Rajasthan is the jewel in India’s crown... more
Global decorating inspiration
Going global

Stylist Amber Armitage takes a trip around the globe and translates her inspiration into spaces... more
Blues: Mangawhai inspired
Blues: Mangawhai inspired

4 looks in blue... a dining room, entranceway, lounge and curious corners... more
Murals ideas for your floors and walls
Standing out

Wall and floor artistic mural combinations for your lounge and dining spaces... more
The 70's lounges in dark shades
The new 70's

With ‘70s glam making a comeback in fashion and interiors, we’re taking inspiration from iconic photographer... more
Inspired by travel themes
Inspired by Travel

If you’re looking for some inspo for your home spaces, here are a few ideas... more
Four different colour combinations
Colour combos

Four different colour looks – Yves Saint Laurent House, Palm Springs, Nice Promenade, Monument Valley... more
Karen Walker chalk paint range
Yours in chalk

Matte finishes on furniture, upcycling and feature area projects bring a luscious depth to hues... more
One palette four ways with wallpaper and murals
One palette four ways

Starting with one main palette and breaking it into mini palettes for different set ups... more
Seasonal inspiration for your lounge spaces
Through the seasons

Changing up your paint colours and accessories can give you dramatically different looks or even seasonal changes... more
Wallpaper options for your home
Wallpaper moments

New and interesting ways to add wallpaper/ pattern and texture into your home... more
Show your personaility to your lounge
A place to call home

We show how to add personality and part of you into your home through displaying personal items.... more

Gallery pg.  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Filter:  kids | blues | greens | yellows | neutrals | oranges/browns | pinks/reds | greys/blacks | violets | pops-of-colour/multi-colour


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