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Habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2018

Welcome — Any decorating trend doesn’t occupy a moment, a month or even a year in time.

We get used to seeing fashion trends come and go with the seasons – it’s fitted jeans this year, and loose the next – but with our homes, the process of change and fashion is a gentler transition. This may be because many of us have a personal home style that acts as the backdrop to newer items and accessories that may stay for a while… then be replaced. It’s also because swapping out our entire interior each year would not only be expensive, but exhausting, and somewhat disconcerting.

So while this is our second Decorating and Colour Trends guide, following the inaugural issue late last year, you’ll see that there is a shift in looks rather than a full-on change-out... more

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Decorating and colour trends 2018

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Misted and muted tones

Misty and muted

Soft and simple, these sanctuary colours create a hushed environment to retreat to, and to embark on mindful living. Somewhere we can recharge our emotional and physical batteries after being constantly bombarded by technology, social media and fast-paced graphics... more

Juiced up interiors with shots of citrus

Citrus squeeze

Rejuvenating and invigorating, the colours of the fruit bowl are being splashed around our homes. These strong tones also tap into a trend inspired by electro digital colours... more

Nature baby - using grounded tones

Nature baby

As we look for authenticity in a world where we feel pressured into quickly casting off one trend in favour of another, we are choosing to wrap ourselves in grounded tones, soothing textural finishes, timbers stained to bring out the beauty in the grain, and dusky greens.... more

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Retreat to your safe haven with dark tones. Creating places of introspection and security, these deep charcoals, moody blues and dense greens ground us but also inject a sense of daring at using such bold tones... more

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Jewel tones

Face the world with confidence and energy by indulging in bold, rich tones. Inspired by gemstones and borrowing their glamorous appeal, there is amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby and more.... more



Travel the world... at home. Seeking cultural connection and a change in routine from the hum-drum of everyday life, this look is all about escapism.... more

Spaces defined

Spaces defined

Let colour be the cue for space definition. As we seek a life of multiple purpose, our spaces and possessions need to do the same. A living space includes a study, a dining area and a reading nook.... more

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Adaptable neutrals

Not all tastes are created equal. Not everyone likes the same style of interiors but in an increasingly shared world, we need to find common ground. The easiness and versatility of neutral colours is the answer... more

Hands on - personalise your interiors

Hands on

Discover your creative side; personalise your interiors. As we rebel against a culture of mass-production, we yearn for personalised spaces that have meaning... more

The unexpected

The unexpected

Delight and surprise yourself and your visitors with an unexpected use of colour, a splash of bright or bold here and there, or a graphic over-the-top wallpaper... more

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The details

Accent colours go rich and dense. Paint colour isn’t only about large expanses of wall. Today’s interiors layer colours and accents for rich effect... more



Wallpaper continues its march across our walls, bringing pattern, colour and texture to our interiors in often unexpected ways... more

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