b'm yf av ouri te coloursa lifetimeof colourResene Total Colour Lifetime Achievement award recipient Sylvia Sandford simply loves working with colour.Tell us about your current ventures. designer Manuel Canovas said: There are no ugly My work has always encompassed a wide range ofcolours just poor combinations.activities and my days are exciting, inspirational andI think black and white are absolute and supreme in varied. It is a life of design and decorating, and oftheir effect. My restful bedroom is painted in Resene All thoroughly good experiences. In a recent week I visitedBlack. I do love the challenge of white. White is a clients on Waiheke Island, in Taumarunui and Napier,chameleon changing with texture, pattern, light, then went back to my home near Miranda, south ofreection and luminosity. It is the perfect decorating Auckland, to host a corporate function and mark paperscanvas as a background or as a starting point. There is for my Open Polytechnic students. an architectural purity with white where it can dene form, accentuate detail, clarify space or enliven light. It What changes have you seen in our approach towas the perfect choice for both inside and out when I colour as homeowners during the years? renovated an old kauri church in Miranda where the It has become so much easier to understand colour asshifting hues of white captured the simple and nave our everyday lives are so visually connected to it.beauty of the structure.Generally, homeowners remain cautious, admiring the use of colour others have made, but settling for aIs there a colour you would never use in your neutral palette that createsa no-nonsense backgroundown home?for themselves. I feel there is more knowledge of colourAny colour thats harsh and painful to my eyes meets but as homes are bought and sold or as they becomethis criteria. Colour is so personal. Any harsh colour can smaller, colour choices are driven by market demand andbe veiled with grey to make it more pleasant. This clever the desire to play it safe.trick takes an equal quantity of black and white mixed together, and dropped into the offending colour. How would you describe your personal style? Immediately this new tone will have a friendliness that When I was much younger I started collecting furniture.could be embraced.Each piece had a story to tell, so it has travelled with me until this day. The collection has been the backbone toWhat are your three favourite colours from my personal style. My living environments have beenResenes latest The Range fashion colours very different but always designed to delight the eye andcollection, and why?exalt the spirit. That furniture has played a signicantThe palette is wonderful; I could nd a place for them part in determining style. Both inside and out, I plan forall. So I have chosen a triadic scheme with similar Resene comfort and welcome. My eclectic possessions are aintensity to paint a series of wall stripes of varying widths Bright Lights personal expression that are woven into a scheme to suitin a childs sunny playroomResene Skydiver, Resene Resene whatever the role is. I like individuality based on theBright Lights and Resene Smitten. All Black principles of good design.ReseneSkydiverResene What is your favourite decorating colour orGo to www.habitatbyresene.com/blogs-people/Smitten colours, and why? sylvia-sandford to discover Sylvias fail-safe rules for ReseneI have no favourite colour as I strongly believe in anyusing colour in interiors.Half Bianca colour becoming a favourite if it is used well. As textile 80'