b'f eature h ouseGet the look with Resene EXPERIENCEResene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Renew. Designer: Debbie Omond, Compose Interiors, Irresistible www.composeinteriors.co.nz COLOUR At the back of the house, new sliding doors andResene Renew wide-prole aluminium windows blend with the MARLEY STRATUS DESIGN SERIEScharacter of the house. The weatherboards are Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Quarter Designer uPVC spouting and downpipe systems now available inSilver Chalice and the trims are Resene Alabaster.four colours including Grey Friars and Ironsand, New Zealandsd i dy ou k now .most popular roong colours. that if you want your own dramatic wall treatment and cant nd a wallpaper to suit, you can order a For more information visit marley.co.nzcustomised one using your own choice of imageGet the look with Paradise or phone 0800 MARLEY (0800 627 539) from www.resene.com/wallprint?Resene C lem enti newallpaper (Petula Black O rang e w all 98363) from Resene Resene QuarterReseneColorShops. IRONSAND Silver ChaliceAlabaster METALLIC COLOURS Stylist: Francesca Story,www.showroom.org.nzEach of my rooms are a little bit of a shock of colourand theyve all got their own story to tell, explains Debbie. The new and spacious hallway, also clad in Resene Alabaster, is hung with two large oralResene GREY FRIARS IRONSAND COPPER TITANIUM print lampshades, which link the jewel-box colours ofMidnight Express the bedrooms to the living space beyond.The renovations were completed within six months and Debbie grins proudly when she comments that, as resident project manager, she was able to bring the work in $1000 under budget. Mark also praises their builder Brad Tautahi (of BT Building Projects) for his unfailingpatienceandwillingnesstotakeonthe couples ideas. To soften the impact of new aluminium joinery used throughout the home, Debbie specied deep-set windowsills, both inside and out, and stoodli g h t sh ad es byalongside as each sill was measured to her exactingL i v i ngRoomstandards.With a background in graphic design and projectBath: Caroma Noir from management, Debbie will soon complete an interiorPlumbing Worlddesigndegreeandhasrecentlylaunchedherown design business, Compose Interiors. Infuture,thereareplansforMarksconverted WHERE STYLE MEETS DURABILITY freight-container ofce in the garden to become an outdoor den for the children as they move into theirGet the look with Resene teens.Fornowthough,theOmondsarehappilySpaceCote Low Sheen tinted enjoyingthenew-foundspaceinsidetheirhome,to Resene Captain Cook. LOW100%MADEWILL NEVER15 YEARwhere there is all the colour and drama to transportResene MAINTENANCE RECYCLABLE IN NZ RUST GUARANTEE them to a perpetually sunny place without the need toCaptain Cook even step outside the door. words and picturesNicola Edmonds turn th e p ag e f or alternat i v e Resene look s f or D y lans bed room . Alabaster 27'