b'ed i tori alw elcom eIts always interesting doing a retrospective feature, like we have this issue to celebrate Resenes 70th birthday (pages 7-13). Our memories are so individual. For me, the 1980s was all about pink Resene and grey interiors whereas others remember cobalt blue and jade Hammerhead green kitchens. The 1990s to me was about architectural minimalism; to others it was about Mediterranean-inspired houses. It depends, of course, on your age, where you were living, your parents style inclinations, and many other factors. The added challenge for our stylists was to take the paint colours that were popular in recent decades but to give them a look that would happily sit in our homes today. Youd think it was easy given that the retro look is currently popular but that normally only refers to the 1950s to 1970s. The stylist who was briefed to do a room for the 2000s in Resene Tea reinvented for today looked horried, and slightly scared. But check out the result on page 12its stunning!Thinking outside the square leads to some spectacular results. Like the extremely architectural house on page 44. Its streamlined and beautiful, and in many other ownerships would have a very restrained colour scheme of white, and more white. Not so here.www.habitatbyresene.com There is white, but there are also about 12 other colours rangingwww.facebook.com/habitatbyresene from red and orange to soft greens and blues. Whatever your reaction to certain colours, theres one thing wewww.pinterest.com/habitatbyresene all have in common. Colour is part of our lives in so many ways, andwww.instagram.com/habitatbyresene one of the easiest ways to celebrate colour is to paint our walls. j oi n us onli neSharon Newey editorReseneMischkaSometimes we rush from one thing to another, never quitewhen you start a paint company. Seventy years ago, all Ted nishing what we started. Yet we all know deep down thatNightingale had was a paint problem, a garage, a good dose good things take time. One small step repeated many timesof perseverance and his imagination. With patience and a lot lets you make a lot of progress without even realising. This isof trial and error, Resene was born. Now 70 years on and also a great way to make a large decorating project seemmany small and concerted steps later, Resenes colour range S\x1e life unfold more manageable. Painting a whole house is daunting forhas grown from a choice of one to anything you want. That mostsoconsiderbreakinguptheprojectintosmalleroneoriginalproducthasnowbecomeawiderangeof projects doing one room or one area at a time. That way, youproducts ideal for a huge array of painting projects, and the can start and nish one piece before moving to the next andsalesfromthatonegaragearenowinternational.We your home will still be lovely to live in as you transform it intocouldnt have done any of this without people like you, your dream home. putting their trust in Resene.When youre decorating, it also helps to have a little Thank you for supporting us over these yearsyou have Its beautiful outside, so bring the best of it in. Our windows and doorsimagination and a touch of bravery to step outside yourfuelled our passion for all things paint and colour. Without are made to open your home up to the beauty that surrounds it.comfort zone and embrace a new colour, a new wallpaper,you there would be no Resene. We look forward to sharing Whether its green grass or grass stains, youll see life as it happens.or a new accessory. It also helps to have these same thingsmany more colourful projects, products and years with you.Bring your home to life with Fairview. th e Resene teamfairviewwindows.co.nzReseneMamba3'