b'F eature walls are a great way to give any roomaddeddrama,butwhataboutgoingastep further and adding a freehand masterpiece like this?Itsnotastrickyasitlooks,andbecauseits freehand, if you make a bit of a mistake with your hill proles, who would know?Sure, this one was painted by all-round creative person, stylist Megan Harrison-Turner but even she surprised herself with how easy it was to transform a plain wall into something so gorgeous and dramatic. First, she found an inspirational photograph online, then sketched the outline of the hills in pencil, then added the paint using Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen. The most difcult part was choosing the colours, but Resene can help with that (see box below). Just about any colour-way will do. Megan started with a palette of dusky greens before settling on this purpleversion.Blueswouldwork,aswouldwarm browns and even golden yellows. Just keep the colours dusky and muted rather than clear and sharp. stylingMegan Harrison-TurnerpictureMelanie Jenkins Cymon Allfrey ArchitectsWall from top: Resene Spindle (sky), Resene Mischka (left hill), Resene Freestyling (right), ReseneInspired Santas Grey (right), Resene Mamba (right), Resene Hammerhead (left, behind sofa), Resene Casper (sea). The oor is in Resene Ivanhoe. Architecture Resene Construction Systems provides solutions to New Zealands premier residential g etti ngsh ad y and commercial projects.The new-look Resene Multi-nish collection, which isFrom our cavity based rainscreen plaster being rolled out through Resene ColorShops in thefacades, and hydrophobic INTEGRA AAC coming months, is perfect for a project like thisflooring systems, through to our hand applied where tonal variations of colour are needed. Thisinterior finishing systems, we have developed collection is the heart of the Resene Total Coloura range of solutions that incorporate the latest System, with 896 colours ranging the gamut of the rainbow, presented on a series of 64 palettes. technology & materials to provide durable The new palettes are two paint chips wide, and aesthetic results that inspire. rather than the current three which makes it easy to compare colours to each other, or to other swatches or samples. All system installations are warranted and installed by our network of professional LBP registered contractors to strict specifications providing surety of performance to your project.www.reseneconstruction.co.nz ReseneMamba 0800 50 70 40ReseneSpindleProps: Cleo Sofa and Amity Floor Rug from Freedom Furniture. Urn and Ceramic Tea Cup from Xia. Velvet and Linen Cushions and Mira Coffee Table from Nest. Anders Lamp from Republic Home. Cast-iron Roji Teapot from Taylor Road.'