b'plantinJ featureResenetop seasonal colourWild ThingHere are Palmers top picks for autumn and winter colour:Dwarf citrus: The idealSalvia amistad: With itssolution for small gardens, orhardy nature and continual anyone wanting citrus fruits owering, this little beauty will to pick fresh from the garden.become a friend in any garden Palmers have a wide variety(Amistad is Spanish for including lemons, limes,friendship). Exquisite purple mandarins and more. Alsoowers appear from mystical, check out the range ofalmost black buds. Delightful!blueberry bushes in store now. Chrysanthemums: You know fashion has gone full circle Cordyline Burgundy: when a plant beloved by your If youre hooked on the newNana is back! In fact, trend for copper metallicchrysanthemums have had a accents well check this rm following for years for out. The beautiful red-bronzetheir huge range of gorgeous colour of Cordyline Burgundycolours and ability to cover will give you a shot of accentthemselves with blooms for colour wherever you put it.extended periods. thriller\x0f filler\x0f spillerNo, were not talking about a movie or a music video. This handy phrase describes a fool-proof way to layer multiple plants in one pot so that it will look spectacular year-round. No more sad-looking pots that you have to hide away at the back of the garage. The idea is to use a foliage plant as your ller, which gives bulkandprovidesabackdroptotheowers,whicharethe thrillers of the piece. Then the spiller is a plant that ows over the rim of the pot to soften the whole composition. Easy, and fun to create. Here are some suggested combinations from Palmers: Cordyline Electric Pink, Gypsophila, Portulaca Pizzazz Blueberry Tasty Blue, Nemesia Blueberry Ripple, Alyssum Bonnet White Gardenia Crown Jewel, Stachys Lambs Ear, Lobelia Crystal Palace Mandarin Satsuma, Alternanthera Little Ruby, Bacopa Snowake Hydrangea Limelight, Heuchera Glitter, Convolvulus Blue Lakes)or a chancePalmers are your garden and outdoor living experts withto win aover 50 years experience helping kiwis grow great gardens.3almers JiftVisit us online or at one of ourcard worth16 stores in the North Island. \x07\x18\x13\x13\x0f see palmers.co.nzpaJe \x16\x18 0800 PALMERS (0800 7256377)'