b'bath room sreds theoneRed makes for a funfeature wall. A fter a couple of years in their new house, thesehomeownersknewtherewas something missing. That something was a bit of personality and character. The house was mostly decoratedinneutralcolours,includingbathroom walls in Resene Double Alabaster, and while that was relaxing, it wasnt very interesting. TheysoughthelpfrominteriordesignerDebra DeLorenzo(www.delorenzodesign.co.nz)who,as part of a wider plan, refreshed their main bathroom with a lick of Resene Bright Red paint. Her job was mademorestraight-forwardbythefactthatthe bathroomalreadysporteditsbrightredclawfoot bath, complete with silver feet. As the bathroom is used by the couples daughters, adding a row of ying buzzy-bees and a Mary Lou doll on the wall was an apt way to accessorise. The bright red wall doesnt stand alone; Debra used red in other parts of the house as an accent colour as well as some darker neutrals. pictures Nicola Edmondscute buz z y - beesandM aryL ou d ollw all d ecorati onsResene topti p s f or bath roomcolour Bright RedResene When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, designerKeep the ttings and tiles neutral, and then Tasman Debra DeLorenzo sees paint as a fashion accessory.change out the walls with new paint or wallpaper New paint or wallpaper can make such a dramaticto keep the look fresh. You can get 20 yearsResene change, and all in just a weekend. I have a clientCut Glass out of classic tiles and ttings; theyre the who changes the colour of her kitchen walls twice expensive items.Resene a year either for a fashion colour or one to reectL ikewise, change out your accessories and artwork Linen the season. to refresh the look. ReseneStay away from lolly colours like bright turquoise, Coriander Here are her tips for using colour in bathrooms:Bathrooms within the same house dont have unless its for a childrens bathroom. Choose a Resene to match. Its best to co-ordinate an ensuite withmuted version of a colour for a more elegant look. Double Alabaster the colours and look of the adjoining bedroom, Watery greens work well in bathrooms.rather than the main bathroom.Try Resene Cut Glass, Resene Tasman, Resene Linen or Resene Coriander. 67'