b'testp otspeace, loveand colourThe 1970s was an era of hippy culture, mellow homespun looks, shagpile carpets and the lava lamp. Colours became earthier than the pretty pastels and saturated brights of the two previous decades. There were bronzed greens, warm tan, burnt orange and chocolate brown. Today we can use those colours in this hippy-inspired livingroom,withadramaticstencilledoorinResene Lignite (brown) and Resene Quarter Cararra. The wall is Resene Paddock, the coffee table is Resene Unwind and the basket and hanging shelf are Resene Barometer. The vases are in Resene Intrepid (mustard) and Resene Seaweed.ReseneBarometerReseneLigniteReseneUnwindReseneSeaweedResenePaddockReseneIntrepidReseneQuarter Cararra m ak e a uni q ue floor with paint anda stenci l9'