b'f eature h ouseResene ReseneTrinidad Banana SplitW hen building their new home, colour wasLeft: The colour ascriticallyimportantasarchitecturaljourney for thisdesignforthisWellingtoncouple.Theyhouse began withregarded the two as equally important, to be workedthe kitchen, painted on and developed in tandem to create their specialin Resene Trinidad (orange), Resene family home high on the hills above the Hutt Valley. Banana Split (yellow) The project was an opportunity to explore theirand Resene Kumutoto appreciation and enjoyment of strong colour, so once(unseen, aqua).thedesignwasnalisedwitharchitectGeraldAbove:The only Parsonson,homeownerMonicaspenthoursporingneutral-coloured over Resene colour options. We had taken our colourspace is the main preferences from pieces of furniture we love. I endedliving room, where up with a stack of about 40 A2-sized sheets of coloursthe natural elements my husband Mike and I liked, and with those in handlike concrete and we headed off to discuss them with architect Gerald. timber are left to shine against Resene ItwasanintensecoupleofsessionsbetweenBianca walls. clientsandarchitect,allkeentomakethecolour choicesplayful,uniqueandinteresting.Thecolour schemestartedfromtheheartofthehouse,theReseneBiancakitchen, where shades of orange (Resene Trinidad), yellow(ReseneBananaSplit)andaqua(Resene Kumutoto) were selected. Downstairsweveusedbigcoloursagainstthe neutrals and naturals of the timber ceiling and concrete oor in the kitchen, and timber oor and neutral walls in the other living and dining areas. The bold colour choices continue upstairs with bedrooms in a range of calming greens and an earthy terracotta.ReseneMonica says the Resene website and the Resene Kumutoto45'