b'Q&AWe chat Electrical options with Amy Griths, Home Solutions Consultant for PDL by Schneider Electric. Saturn glass nish range in Pure White.What are the latest trends in Advice for people building a What should home ownershome electrical? new home or renovating? be looking for when selectingMany people dont realise there is moreEngage an electrical professional earlythe right electrical products forout there than just white plastic lighton in the process, and find someone whotheir home?switches and power outlets. Our elegantunderstands your vision and is willing toThink about how you may want to use Saturn glass finish switch and powerhelp you achieve it. There are some greatyour home in the future, and design your outlet range has been really popular. Theinnovations and design options out thereelectrical plans around this. Our Electrical simple lines make it timeless and suitablethat can really improve your standardHome Solutions Guide provides a great for new and retrofit homes and it comes inof living, but some of them need to beoverview of what people should be Pure White (shown) or Ocean Mist whichplanned into your build or renovation earlythinking about and what options are out are both nice neutral tones. Both theseon, such as home automation, sensorsthere, and its free to download from our colours look great in kitchens, and tie inand pop up power outlets. Also, dontwebsite pdl.co.nz beautifully with glass splashbacks andscrimp on power outlets. Nothing is worse appliances.than a house that doesnt have enough, orHow can customers \x02nd and they are not in practical locations.see PDL by Schneider Electric Another trend is USB chargershavingproducts?these installed in bedrooms, kitchens and We have recently opened up our first Vision living areas where we most need themthere is moreRoom in Christchurch, and I can take for modern devices such as tablets and mobile phones makes for more convenientcustomers through our range of products and accessible charging.out there thaninstalled and in action. I can also come to Pop up kitchen power outlets are one ofCanterbury customers homes, and take you through an in-home consultation. For my favourite things. If you are planning ajust whitecustomers outside of Canterbury, the kitchen renovation or new build and youbest thing to do is speak to your architect, have an island bench you are going to love these. Its like having a hidden powerplastic lightdesigner or electrician and they can assist point in your kitchen bench, so you dontwith showing you our ranges.have to stretch power cords across yourswitcheskitchen, and you can really maximise your bench space.TMTo contact Amy, call 0800 568 888 | www.pdl.co.nz'