b'replaceFireplaces and surrounding walls are the perfect place to have a bit of ways decorative fun. Here are three new looks for one replace.bef oreT hese homeowners had a problem. They had ended up with a replace, chimney breast and adjacent wall that they knew had potential. but what could they do to make it more exciting? The walls were painted Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in a lovely soft grey, Resene Quill Grey, and the ceiling in Resene Quarter White Pointer, but it was all a bit, well, bland. Off they went to see Resene colour expert Nikki Morris, at their local Resene ColorShop. She suggested these three schemes, none of which would incur too much cost or hassle to implement. If youre looking for a Resene colour expert in your area or want to take advantage of Resenes free colour advice, go to www.resene.com/colourexpert.Rugged good looksGo all dark and broody with the lodge-inspired look. Walls in Resene Half Bokara Grey are offset by a rustic-looking chimney breast clad in pine timber boards that are then stained in Resene Colorwood Walnut. A low-slung shelf, or seat, is also made of stained pine. The ceiling is painted in Resene Sea Fog, the soft white tones of which are echoed in the hexagonal wall planters.topti puse ReseneI fy ou w ant th e ti m ber C olorw oodstai nlookw i th out actuallyf or ti m ber usi ngti m ber,ch eckout th e m anyf auxti m ber w allp ap ers f romResene C olorS h op s,p arti cularlyth e E lem ents andE x p osedcollecti ons.Resene HalfResene ReseneBokara GreySea Fog Colorwood Walnut IllustrationsMalcolm White38'