b'perfectly formedThis small but beautiful garden makes a big impact on a small budget. Left: LandscapeI tsnothardtoguesswhichisthelandscape designer Sandradesignersgardenasyoudrivedownthisquiet Batley can rest easysuburban street. Amongst the empty front lawns now after two and sorry-looking shrubs, Sandra Batleys garden is a years of hard worklush oasis. Its not grandiose or showy, it didnt break and creativity. the bank, but it is perfectly formed. Just three years ago, the site was barren. In that short time, Sandra and partner John Eagleton have created individual spaces for quite specic purposes that wrap around the modest 1970s brick unit. The garden is dressed in a colourful array of subtropical foliageandowers,offsetbyfencesstainedwith Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead.The propertys potential was obvious to the couple from the start. On an elevated corner site facing the sunny north-west, the unit had its own drive and was visually separated from its neighbour. The garden was Resene one big sloping lawn with no access from the living Spanish White area to the outdoors, so the rst change was to replace 72'