b'k i tch ensSoft and soothingAppealing to a broad cross-section of people while injecting some personality into a home is the constant challengeforshowhomedesigners.Thisparticular home is in an exclusive subdivision bordering a golf course,soanelegantmodernisedEuropeanlook using soft, soothing colour was the key, according to conceptdesignerMarkWilsonatMasonryDesign Solutions (www.masonrydesign.co.nz).ReseneWhitePointerusedinvaryingstrength shades throughout the home reects the light while addingwarmthandpersonality.SaysMark:Ima great fan of using one colour and varying its strength because I know its going to work as you move through the spaces. In darker areas, you can pull back and you can also grunt it up for warmer tones where theres more light.In the kitchen, dining and living area, timber ceilings and heavy timber beams add a traditional European countryavourwhilethekitchencabinetshavea simple panel prole and a corniced capping painted in a traditional French greyResene Half Delta. Explains Mark: The bluey green grey works tonally with other spaces of the home and without being too obviously green, it picks up on the view to the greenery of the golfcoursethroughthetreesandsurrounding gardens.Resene Triple White Pointer is used on the walls, and combines well with the linen drapes and pale European oak oors. The kitchens central island has atimberbenchinsert,makingitfeellikeanold refectory table. Thedesignhashititsmark,attractingaturn th e p ag e f or a k i tch en th at m i x es i t upconsiderable amount of more work for the company, says Mark.ReseneReseneResene Triple pictures Mark Scowen Half Delta White Pointer White Pointer63'