b'1 Step 1: Using the drop saw, cut the framing and corner posts to thelengthsnotedopposite. Mitre two ends of two pieces of the 650mm, and one end of the other four. Screw them together toformthetopandbottom frames. Roughlysandtheedgesto get rid of splinters and rough edges. We stained the frame at thisstagewithResene WaterborneWoodsman,but you can stain the pieces at any 2 3 stage,aslongasitsbefore attaching the mesh.Step 2: Attach the corner posts to the base frame, then attach the top frame to the posts.Step 3: Attach a bracing strip across the front of the binthis addsstrengthbutalsoallows youtohalf-raisethedoor. Attachtheguiderailstothe front, leaving a 25mm gap to allow the door to run easily. 4 4 Step 4: Make the lid and the a doorbyattachingthewider planks to two battens. Use two off-cuts for a handle and chock on the inside of the door, then stain.Step 5: Cut the mesh to t the sidesandstaplenailtothe frame,keepingthemeshas taut as possible. Step 6: Apply a second coat of Resene Waterborne Woodsman stain to the entire structure.5 5 a Collect your kitchen scraps and start composting.K eepan ey e out on H i rep ools F acebookp ag e li k e th emf or m ore ti p s andsp eci al of f ers.ReseneWimbledonAll equipment and expertise builderAndy Fraser from Hirepool. Visit www.hirepool.co.nz picturesMark Heaslip or call 0800 15 15 15.'