b'testp otsResene minimalist nirvanaBlack WhiteResene The 1990s turned its back on excess; it was a decade for minimalism Quarter Alabaster and simplicity. Our eco consciousness began to grow and the internet Resene took off. Colours were pared back, neutral and soothingno-nonsense Cut Glassblacks, clean whites, zen greens, icy aquas and nautical blues. ReseneToday we can use those colours in this ultra-calming bedroom, with White ThunderResenewalls in Resene Black White and a bedside table in Resene All Black and Frozen Resene Cut Glass. A slice of bold ice blue Resene Frozen appears in the Resenerecessed headboard and shelf while the vases are in Resene Quarter All Black Alabaster, Resene White Thunder and Resene Cut Glass.m ak e th i s h ead boardwith a painted strip and two simple shelves11'