b'seeing double?These bathrooms are the same. but di\x10erent.I n the interests of a cohesive look, many homeownersbulb pendants are black in one room, and white in with two bathrooms give them identical nishesthe other. andttings.Thatisntabadapproach,butIntroducing different elements to these bathrooms homeowner Mandy Wilson and Belinda Ellis of Frasersupported the overall philosophy for the home, which Cameron Architects (www.frasercameron.co.nz) camewas to make it feel as if it had come together more up with a creative twist on that decorative strategy, fororganically, over time, as a traditional bach would do.d i dy ou k nowa new Taupo bach.This slight mismatching of decorative elements, andthat the Resene Kitchen They chose to give these two bathrooms a similarlayeringofmaterials,canbeseenthroughoutthe& Bathroom range look but with subtle differences. Both have the samehouse (see more at www.habitatbyresene.com/glenn- combines anti-bacterial basins and similar custom-designed plywood cabinetryand-mandy-reclaim-bach-vibe).silver protection and nishedinReseneQristalClearPolyurethane(at).Both bathrooms are quite small, so they used cleanMoulDefender to minimise unwanted Both have the same concrete-look oor tiles, and bothlines, a simple colour palette and shapes, and kept thenasties in kitchens, have walls painted in Resene Concrete, with trims inttingsandcabinetsupofftheoor.Mirrorsalsobathrooms and laundries?Resene Alabaster. visually enhance the space.ButlookcloserandyoullseethatthetiledBelinda designed the plywood cabinets, which haveResenesplashback is differentone is a sleek white tile witha retro bach vibe, but also look elegant. Cabinetry wasAlabasterblack grout, while the other is a marble hexagonal. ThesuppliedbyAllanCromptonofCromptonsJoineryResenetaps are the same prole, but are chrome in one room,Taupo; included is a nger pull detail with a copperConcreteblack in the other. Both bathrooms have hidden night- ring just one more example of the absolute attention sensor lights beneath the cabinets, while the simpleto detail paid to these delightful bathrooms.pictures Sue Bunch66'