b'k i tch ens ReseneOr mix it up Black WhiteAfterdousingherinteriorsinReseneBlackWhite,ReseneYvette Parker was ready to add some punchy coloursBullseyeto her kitchen. She had just launched her business,ReseneStudio Y Interior Design (www.studioy.co.nz), so herSpotlightown home was a great opportunity to try out ideas.ReseneViewed from the adjacent dining area, three wallsGun Powderjut into the kitchen from the right hand side. RatherResenethan making them blend in, Yvette decided to addBlackboard Paintexcitement, with layers of colour. Resene Spotlight, a vivid yellow, creates a welcoming entry and a cheery backdrop to the dining area. A red bookshelf in the lounge was her next cue. Says Yvette: I didnt want to make the kitchen look like McDonalds, but red seemed a safe choice given there are so many red accessories available to pair it with. Resene Bullseye continues the ow of colour.The nal layer was a oor to ceiling cupboard, now painted with Resene Blackboard Paintproviding a chance for Yvette and her children to have fun writing messages to each other. Thewalloppositeispaintedinthesmokygrey Resene Gun Powder, which beautifully frames the leafy view from the window. The wall was covered in old melamine,soYvetteusedanundercoatofResene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer to grip onto the smooth melamine and two coats of Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Gun Powder so the wall is easy to clean. There was still a lot of life left in the original doors of the 1960s kitchen so the existing cabinetry was simply refreshed with a coat of Resene Black White and new handles were added.words Vicki Holderpictures Kellie Extance65'