b'd i dy ou k now that the paint in most Resene testpots is made from Resene Lumbersider, a low-sheen hard-wearing paint normally used for exteriors? So its tough enough fora huge range of craft, art andDIY projects. A hex for youOr rather, a hex or two on your walls. This on-trend shape is being seen on all sorts of home accessories and dcor items. Here, it forms a fun honeycomb pattern on the wall of a childs room, created by using a simple stencil. Resene testpots are perfect for small stencilling jobs like this. The colours are Resene Kakapo (green), Resene Optimist (turquoise blue), Resene Transmission (grey) and Resene Coast (charcoal blue). The wall is Resene Half Tea, the oor and skirting are Resene Sea Fog, and the bedside table is in Resene Mantle and madeResene Golden momentsby The Recipe Ltd, www.recipedesign.co.nz. Gold Dust Resenehavetestpotsformostoftheircolour collections, including ones you wouldnt expect like Turn the page to see how this stencilled patterntimber stains and metallic paints. was created, by paint effects specialist and stylistThis glam centerpiece is so easy and cheapall it Greer Clayton. takes is some recycled cans and a testpot of Resene GoldDustfromtheReseneMetallicsandSpecial Resene Effects range. Fill the cans with romantic owers, like Kakapo these roses and peonies, and cluster them down the Resene Resene Resene middle of the table. The wall in the background is OptimistCoast Sea Fog Resene Resene Abbey Road and the timber globe lamp is from Resene Resene Resene Abbey Road Lighting Direct, www.lightingdirect.co.nz. TransmissionMantle Half TeaA modern take on a desk tidyThis cool desk tidy is not only easy to paint with Resene testpots but easy to make, too. Made from pine board and battens glued together, it has Resene Elephant on the base and Resene Rolling Fog on the front batten. The other battens and the cute asymmetric mountain-peak design are in Resene Riptide (mid green), Resene Dali(brightgreen)andReseneFringyFlower(pale green). Then pop in your mobile, tablet, notes, pens and other bits. You could also make a simpler version to use as a tablet holder in the kitchen for reading recipes.TheHollowTableLampisfromFreedom Furniture, www.freedomfurniture.co.nz. See our video on how to create this desk tidy as well as some other quick and easy projects onwww.habitatbyresene.com/habitattv. Resene ReseneRiptide DaliResene Resene Rolling Fog ElephantReseneFringy Flower 33'