b'f eature h ouseReseneVilla Whitetopti pUse Resene SpaceCoteLow Sheen on wallsin busy areas of your home; its easier to wipe down to remove any marks than standard acrylic paint.Left and below: In one exuberant expression of colour, Debbie chose a Paradise wallpaper (Petula Black 98363) from Resene ColorShops for the living room, along with Resene Alabaster walls. The family are, from left, Dylan, Caleb, Debbie, Amber and Mark. ColorShops). She meticulously tore the papers edge to createagap-in-the-walleffecttomergewiththe painted surface beside it.Eight year-old Dylan felt it was important that the shade of blue he chose for his room had a good name; Resene Captain Cook made the nal cut.A second bedroom was decorated for the couples two younger children, Amber and Caleb, to share. Debbie chose Resene Renew, describing the green as a gender-neutral but on-trend halfway point between the preferences of the two siblings. I thought; well go with batman-ey pops of bright yellow for Caleb and brightpinkaccessoriesforAmber.Thechildren, however, had their own views and were soon lobbying for their own rooms.InspiredbythetraditionsandcoloursofIndia, Debbiethenconvertedasmallerplayroomintoa glowinghideawayforherdaughter,usingResene Clementine Orange from the Karen Walker collection. I looked at the other rooms and thoughtwhat havent I tried? A hot pink canopy bed was found to contrast beautifully with the vibrant orange walls. For the main bedroom, she chose to embrace rather than compensate for the south-facing orientation with dark colours. Her aim was to set the tone to moody, romantic and luxurious. Using features of the now demolished lounge as a reference point, she sourced a matching mould for the ceiling cornice, and had a new leadlight created from photographs of originals. A contemporary version of an original chandelier that hung in the lounge is set off by the dark lustre of the embossed Resene Flock 3 wallpaper(2554-26)andReseneMidnightExpress painted walls. 24'