b'h owto stenci l i ts si m p lePaint effects artist Greer Clayton shows how to create a simple stencil. Find the shape you want and either download aResenetemplate from online, or draw it yourself. ThereMantleare also stencils at www.resene.com/stencils. Draw the shape onto either light card, or for better results use mylar plastic sheets, available from art supply stores. Use a craft knife to cut out the shape. Position your stencil shape, and use low tack masking tape to hold in place if necessary.A small sponge roller is perfect for stencilingthey come as a set with a matching paint tray at Resene ColorShops. Pour some paint into the tray, dampen the roller slightly, then roll through the paint making sure the paint is evenly distributed on the roller. Run the roller over a paper towel to remove excess paint; if you dont do this, the paint might bleed under the edge of the stencil. Repeat this step if you want more intense colour, once the paint has dried.If you use a small paint brush instead of a roller, dab the excess paint off on a paper towel, Resenethen dab (not stroke) the paint onto the stencil,Kakapo Resenestarting at the edges.picturesBryce Carleton, Melanie Jenkins Half Tea0800 ARTWOODartwoodfurniture.co.nz'