b'The new millenium came and the worlds computers didnt fail. Technology advanced, the green movement grew, and we yearned to feel safe after the terror of 9/11.For Resene, this decade was all about teaResene Tea sold in the bucket-load. This safe cocooning beige was celebrated as an incredibly versatile colour and was joined by cool whites, botanic greens, silver and moody taupes. Today this living room has a Scandi vibe, with animal skin rugs and cushions, house plants and a wall in Resene Half Tea. The oor and tree stump are Resene Sea Fog while the pots are Resene Tax Break (bottom left corner), and Resene Gum Leaf (on shelf and stump). Resene ReseneHalf Tea Tax BreakResene ReseneSea Fog Gum LeafProps 2000s: Dahlia Sofa, $1999, and A-frame M3 Bookshelf, $199, from Freedom Furniture. Tibetan Lamb Cushion, $155, Cowhide Cushion, $87, Rabbit Throw, $690, and Reindeer Hide, $250, from Lapco. Fringed Cushion, $99, Tan Pouf, $220, Decorative Beads, $39, Wooden Candles (set of 5), $139, from Good Thing. Dada Lumbar Cushion Cover (white), $59, and Gava Planter (bronze), $64, from Citta Design. Looking Up Print, $969, Mavis Jug, $75, Budgie Cup, $33, Doris Plate, $79, Archie Ramekin, $22, by Amber Armitage.Stockists: Allium Interiors, www.alliuminteriors.co.nz, 09 534 4242. Amber Armitage, www.amber-armitage.com. Citta Design, www.cittadesign.com. Danske Mobler, www.danskemobler.co.nz. Freedom, www.freedomfurniture.co.nz, 0800 373 336. Good Thing, www.goodthing.co.nz, 09 815 2052. Indie Home Collective, www.indiehomecollective.com, 09 524 6971.Junk & Disorderly, www.junkndisorderly.co.nz, 09 480 9010.Lapco, www.lapco.co.nz, ph 09 302 1350. Madder & Rouge, www.madderandrouge.co.nz, 09 522 1062. Republic Home, www.republichome.com, ph 09 361 1137. St Clements,www.stclements.co.nz, 09 336 1304.styling 1960s by Megan Harrison-Turner, 2000sby Amber Armitage, all others by Claudia Kozubpictures Melanie Jenkins7 0Resene i s 1 9 5 1 The company removes lead fromTed launches the rst waterborneits decorative paints to create a more paint in Australasia under the brand nameenvironmentally friendly product,One of the countrys largest family-ownedResenea name derived from the maina move that is well ahead of its time. companies, Resene, turns 70 this year. ingredient of paint, resin. Waterborne Resene is a pioneering company, producingpaint has a very slow start. People are1 9 7 0nervous of the new technology, thinkings In 1972, Teds son Tony takes eco-friendly paints and fashion coloursthat a waterborne paint will just wash off.over operation of the company.way ahead of its time.The company name is changed toBuilder Ted Nightingale needs an1 9 5 2 Resene Paints Ltd in 1977 and its factory 1 9 4 6 The company is registered underspace gets bigger and better.alkali-resistant paint to cover his concretethe name Stipplecote Products Ltd. buildings. There is nothing available so in typical Kiwi style he develops his ownin 1 9 6 0s The companys perseverance and a cement mixer in his Wellington garage!intense marketing of waterborne paints, In response to demand from other builders,including shop window demonstrations, Ted starts producing his paint commerciallynally starts to pay off as waterborne under the brand name Stipplecote. paints are accepted more widely. 12'