b'Inspiring Tiles The 1960s was groovy babyan exciting, turbulentReseneCandy FlossExpert Advice era full of social change, new music and the mini skirt. ReseneThe colours of the 60s were sharp orange, intense teal,bananayellow,cyanblueandred.Bold,Gorsepsychedelic colours.ReseneJacaranda, timber effectUse those intense shades today, in transitional areasTrinidadporcelain tile like halls where you see them eetingly. Add a simpleReseneOne of hundreds ofcurvyvaseandatropicaltouchwithamonsteraHullabalooResenedesigner tiles leaf. The wall here is Resene Hullabaloo, the hall tableQuarter Cararraand shelf are Resene Trinidad, the boxes are Resene Gorse and the box lids, frame and vase are Resene Candy Floss. Props 1950s: Concrete Pendants in Blush and Mint, $120, from Junk & Disorderly. Sorrento Rice Cutlery Set in Mint, $99.90; Rice Ceramic Embossed Jug, $69; Rice Ceramic Large White Jug, $95, from Allium Interiors. Impressions Bowls, $39.95 for set of four; Sorrento Cuddle Mug, $4.95; Sorrento Side Plates, $8.95 each, Sorrento Serving Bowls, $9.95 each; Willow Canister in Blush, $29.95, and in Lemon, $19.95, from Freedom Furniture.1970s: Nelly two-seater sofa, $2299, from Danske Mobler. Odin Copper Mirrors, $125 large and $85 smaller pair; Orla Kiely High Ball Glasses, $24.90 each; Orla Kiely Big Spot Shadow AlbanyBotanyEllerslie Flower Cushions, $135; Orla Kiely Cushion, $89, from Allium Interiors. Floral Cushion, $129, HendersonParnellWairau Valleyfrom Republic Home. Rajasthani Wooden Pot (in hanging shelf), $95, and Philodendron Whangaparaoa Hamilton Cordatum Plant, $15.90; Broste Anet vase, $135, and String of Pearls plant from Indie Home Tauranga Wellington Collective. For stockist details, see page 12. Dealers NZ widetiles.co.nz'