b'f eature h ouseLeft and below right:The bedrooms are all painted in different colours. These two are Resene Boulevard and Surprise yourself with a Mitre 10 Kitchen. Resene Crisp Green.Below: The entry hall and stairwell have a continuous wall in Resene Bluff, with a front door in Resene Streetwise.ReseneCrisp GreenReseneBoulevardReseneBluffReseneStreetwise T h e Resene ap pw as f antasti callyh elp f ul a nd . i t w as f unColourMatch app completely transformed her decision-making and ability to be informed when it came to the effect of different colours in varying rooms. It was amazing, I got the whole colour scheme done. Even the upstairs bathroom in Resene Pulse is perfect. The app is fantastically helpful and it was fun.A neutral palette was never on this couples radar. Monica had seen a kitchen she loved in primary colours andshesaysGeraldcompletelyunderstoodand From design to installationwe can help you a little, or a lot. appreciated her thoughts. Thatswhywechosehimasanarchitect.We At Mitre 10 MEGA youll \x1f nd everything you need to completely transform yourQuality NZ Made Cabinets talked to a few architects when we were looking to Our cabinets come with a 10 yearbuild, but the thing that stood out about Gerald was kitchen, from \x1d ooring right through to appliances. Our Nouveau Impressionswarranty from a local manufacturerthat he was a good listener. He somehow makes you Kitchens combine the latest style with quality hardware. Using our handy onlinewith over 30 years experience creatingfeel the process is a collaboration rather than just the Virtual Planner theyre easy to design by yourself, or with a bit of help from one ofquality kitchens. client providing a brief. So for us it was a process that our Kitchen Consultants. Once youre done you can simply pick it up straight o\x1etheinvolvedlotsofto-ingandfro-ingandplentyof shelf and install it yourself using our Easy As video guide. Or if you dont have theTop European Hardwareconsultation.time, we can recommend a trusted installer to do the job for you. Youll be surprisedOur cabinets are \x1f nished o\x1ewith theToday,18monthsaftermovingin,thehouse how easy it is to get yourself a stylish kitchen for less. latest European soft close hinges and drawer runners by Hafele. continuestooffersurprisesforthefamilybothin architecturaltermsandcolour.Wegetalotof pleasure from the different angles, it works so well on the site, its very peaceful and a surprising thing is that Get started now at mitre10.co.nz/kitchens47M10 9322 Kitchen Ad 210x275.indd 1 26/01/16 2:31 pm'