b'a sunk en courty ardi s ang ledf or i nterestBen Hoyle of Blue Gecko suggests this alternative scheme:When it comes to outdoor spaces we instinctively focus on the wider view. With courtyards the focus is inherently more inward with a desire to screen out the wider world to create privacy. Here, the deck is triangular and set 45 degrees to the house on the left. Finished in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Natural it joins to a oating seat which frames the dining table. The space is slightly sunken beside stone planters to reduce shading from the house and give better screening from neighbours. The courtyard feels more generous by angling the layout, elongating the lines and providing more variable depth gardens for planting. A variety of materials give texture with horizontal slats clad over sections of the existing fence, nished in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Skywater, and concrete in Resene Concrete Stain Deep Grey. The replace provides a focal point and along with a large corner lounger covers all bases for raucous entertaining or quiet relaxation.phone021 678 689 webwww.bluegecko.co.nzResene Double TrojanResene Concrete Stain Deep Grey Metrosiderus VibranceResene WaterborneEldorado Stone Rustic Ledge Woodsman Skywater AlexandraHard as Rocks www.hardasrocks.co.nz 0800 353 672EF5000 outdoor replaceEscea illustrationwww.escea.com/nzResene Waterborne Malcolm White 0800 173 000 Woodsman Natural Concrete tableFlowing Stone www.owingstone.co.nz 021 054 8827Canna Tropicanna BlackPalmers www.palmers.co.nz 0800 725 6377Resene Half Athens Grey77'