b'stepbystepmake a compost binTurn your scraps and cuttings into plant food with this compost bin. y ou w i ll need :Toolsandequipment:Compoundmitre drop saw; cordless drill and bits; hammer and paint brush.Materials:Timber(allH3.5treated):ten lengths of 70mm x 45mmfour at 750mm long for corner posts and six at 650mm long fortopandbaseframes;eleven 140mm x 18mm at 700mm longve for the lid and six for the door (these will need to be trimmed to t); four battens 40mm x 18mm at 1800mm for the bracing strips, door and lid frames, and guide rails. Plastic mesh, three squares cut to t;sandpaper;galvanisedand stainlesssteelscrewsandstaple nails; ReseneWaterborne Woodsman stain tinted to Resene Heartwood; one exterior-use handle for the lid.Resene Half Athens Greycom p osti ngti p s Compost needs to be the right moisture level and temperature, and needs air. Wet the compost occasionally Composting is the ultimate in recycling, turning rubbish intoso that it stays moist, without becoming sloppy. Turn the plant food.compost every week or so to aerate it. Start with a layer of coarsely chopped twiggy material onOccasionally sprinkle the compost with some soil,baresoilorgrass.Addalternatelayersofwetmaterialready-made compost, Blood & Bone or commercial(veggiescraps,manure,freshlawnclippings,seaweed,compost maker. coffeegrounds)anddrymaterial(drygrassandleaves,Compost is ready when it becomes a sweet, dark, shredded paper or egg cartons, sawdust, twigs) preferably incrumbly material and you cannot distinguish the original layers no more than 5-10cm deep.materials in it. If compost is well maintained and turned Dont use invasive weeds with seeds, pet manure, meatoften, it can be ready in as little as 6-8 weeks. Dig the scraps or plants youve treated with herbicides. compost into your garden or use it as a potting mix. Resene Unwind70'