b'of fth e sh elfTake the guess work out of redecorating your homeChoosing a new colour scheme can be tricky. And mistakes can be costly! Your local Harrisonsooring consultant can take all the worry out of the process with the aid of our new colour boards put together by our in-house interior designer.Anita ShirleyHarrisons Interior DesignerAlways renovate from theoor upCarpetLorenzoIts one of the largest surface areas Resene go 3D Red Red Red 970 Charcoal/Green so it has the greatest impact on the Its hard to believe this is wallpaper! Every one of the elaborately designed patternsResene Paintsway your room will look.in the Replik collection will create an extraordinary and individual feel for any roomThorndon Cream Ive taken luxurious Lorenzo carpet withnaturalgoodlooksand3Dmimicry.AvailableatReseneColorShops;seeHalf Sea Fog in charcoal/green as a base and www.resene.com/colorshops. complemented it with a Woodland Quarter Gravel vinyl plank carrying similar tones.The carpet has then been colour ReseneCurtain Fabrics matched to Resene Thorndon Cream SakuraRange: Edenwhich is an understated urban neutral Colour: Mondo and Resene Half Sea Fog, a barely well strung there black-edged white. As an Range: Chelseaaccent colour I have added Resene ThesewoodenbeadgarlandsColour: Terracotta Quarter Gravel, a masculine ash grey.canbeusedasabeautiful dcoraccessoryinanyroomFor curtains Ive used colour matched of the house, or string acrossfabrics from our new division, a corner to use as a hangingHarrisons Curtains and Blinds, to cord.Madeof40x40mmadd texture and a splash of vibrancy.beadsstrungtogetheronaVinyl plank 2.2m cord, theyre painted inWoodlandResene Vintage, Resene CavernEC2550Pink and Resene Grey Chateau.BEST ASKSee www.burrowandbe.co.nz. PRICE ABOUT OURGUARANTEE* LATEST wood be nice SPECIALSAswellasaddingaestheticcolour appeal, a wood stain can also help restore a timbers colour and protectWe come to youit from the elements. The new ReseneAt Harrisons Carpet youll always get the best advice and best price from our Waterborne Woodsman is designedlocally owned and operated experts. Well come to you with our vans full of over as a atter nish, more in keeping500 samples. Plus were the only carpet retailer with FlyBuys.with bare timber, which tends to have a very low natural sheen level.*See website for terms and conditions.Resene Woodsman Decking Stain, is now also available in a atter nish, perfect for timber decks. Both are available in a range of colours, including the newest addition, Resene Bleached Riverstone, and as Resene CoolColour variants. Book an in-home consultation now!Available from Resene ColorShops and resellers. See www.resene.com/colorshops. 0800 421 002harrisonscarpet.co.nz See you at your place'