b'f eature g ard end i dy ou k now that dark-coloured boundary fences not only provide a neutral backdrop for planting, but also give the garden an illusion ofextra space? Use a Resene CoolColour version of your paint or stainto reduce heat build-up.Left: Sandra and John have created a private oasis in suburbia that has everything they needa seating area, a dining table, a spa and lush gardens. Its enclosed in fences stained with Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead with a capping in Resene Spanish White. The large pivoting umbrella can be swung to cover the table or the spa. Below: A curved garden bed by the driveway is lled with purple-owered turf lilies, canna Bengal Tiger (orange owers), canna Merle Cole (red), gardenia, lomandra grasses and a cycad. Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowsheada window with sliding doors to access the garden. Creating a successful garden isnt just about the pretty bits. First, John and Sandra tackled the drainage issues inherent on a site that sits near the bottom of a slope. They also split the main part of the garden into more usable levelsone for the deck, another for the garden that surrounds the deck and another for the family-friendly rectangular lawn where truck-loads of soil and a retaining wall were needed. At the rear of thehome,theresalsoaquietslimcourtyardthat catches the morning sun and an area for a small raised potager garden. The property was always meant to be a stepping stone to a larger one, so the couple were conscious of not over-capitalising. The deck is made of stained pine (Resene Woodsman Decking Stain Crowshead) rather than a more expensive hardwood, the pavers are from apreviousjob,andJohndesignedandmadethe smart-looking privacy screen from pine, then painted it 73'