b'Potted strawberries Resene KombiEuonymus japonicusand Ficus pumilaResene PulseFireplace: Landscape ElementsResene This hedge on stilts is under-planted with star jasmine (TrachelospermumHalf Trufejasminoides) as ground cover and Euonymus japonicuswhich resembles theCantilevered umbrella: more common buxusas low hedging.Shade Makers,Mt MaunganuiThe garden is on two levels and skilful design has seen the backyard transformedDesigner: Michelle into three outdoor rooms. The biggest contains the outdoor dining area. BeyondMcDonnell Landscape Designthe replace, to the east, is the spa pool surrounded by an olive tree hedge, star jasmine and gardenia. Resene DellDown the side of the house, a third area features Robinia Mop Tops under- Get the exterior look planted with the trademark large white blooms of Hydrangea Trophy. Clivia addwith Resene Lumbersider a splash of orange. tinted to Resene Half Thorndon Cream.Here Michelle has laid large concrete stepping-stones inter-planted with tiny green mondo. Its a look shes repeated on the other side of the house.Not a single part of this propertys outdoors has escaped the transformationResene Half Thorndon Creamwandnot even the narrow strip down the western side of the house. A plain concrete path butting up against the boundary wall was narrowed allowing forResene Bathursta 400mm-wide strip of gardenwide enough for a row of Euonymus japonicus behind which Ficus pumila happily creeps up the wall.Michelles delivered exactly what her clients required in terms of a near-zero maintenance garden and one which suits the era of the house. An inspired Tracy has added another dimension produce. On the tabletop sit ve terracotta potsturn the page for two in which strawberries grow. alternative schemes for this My daughters get to reap the harvestwhich equates to about one strawberryArt Deco gardena day, she laughs.89'