b'The Electrolux Energy Star dryer has an impressive 5.5 star energy rating. You can feel assured you are using minimal energy to effectively dry your clothes.The Electrolux EWN14991W 8kg front load washer has a 4.5 star water rating, 4 star energy rating and even has an inclined drum to make loading and unloading easier. All Electrolux ovens have European A For best in class energy efciency youclass energy efciency and the pyrolytic cant look past the latest Electroluxmodel shown above also offers chemical-refrigeration collection.Using advancedfree oven cleaning to protect you and the technologies and a more environmentallyenvironment from harsh chemicals.friendly refrigerant with lower global warming potential, these fridges are available in single door, two door and side-by-side formats. ReseneResene Weathered Yellow PatriotUsing only 10.2 litres of water per rated cycle, this Electrolux dishwasher saves you time and water.Its super quiet operation at 44db makes for a peaceful solution.Electrolux induction cooktops have speed, safety and energy efciency advantages over other cooktops. Resene Maestros\x00\x00 #OOK\x00IN\x00BULK\x0e\x00#OOK\x00DOUBLE\x00OR\x00TRIPLE\x00QUANTITIES\x00AND\x00FREEZE\x00THE\x00 s\x00\x00 -ANAGE\x00YOUR\x00TIME\x0e\x007ASHING\x00MACHINES\x00ARE\x00DESIGNED\x00TO\x00WASH\x00TRULY\x00extras to save time and energy. dirty clothes, when often our clothes or bed linen only need a light wash or a refresh. Electrolux Time Manager washers allow the s\x00\x00 !VOID\x00OPENING\x00THE\x00FRIDGE\x00UNNECESSARILY\x0e\x00.OT\x00ONLY\x00DOES\x00THE\x00INmUX\x00 wash cycle to be shortened for lightly soiled laundry.of warm air have to be cooled, it also increases the humidity inside the appliance, resulting in the accumulation of ice.s\x00\x00 2EMEMBER\x00TO\x00CLEAN\x00YOUR\x00DRYER\x00lLTER\x0e\x00.OT\x00ONLY\x00IS\x00IT\x00NECESSARY\x00for safety but a clogged lter dramatically reduces the energy s\x00\x00 2ETIRE\x00YOUR\x00DRINKS\x00FRIDGE\x0e\x00.EW\x00FRIDGES\x00CAN\x00BE\x00UP\x00TO\x00\x13\x10\x05\x00MORE\x00 efciency of the appliance by slowing the airow.efcient than a 10-year-old model.See www.electrolux.co.nz.s\x00\x00 7ATEREFlCIENT\x00TOPLOAD\x00WASHERS\x00SAVE\x00ENERGY\x0e\x00)F\x00YOU\x00PREFER\x00to use a warm wash cycle, then a water efcient top-loader washer will save you electricity as well.77'