b'mural masterpiecesReseneAyers RockResene regularly celebrates community creativity with its Mural Masterpieces Competition.Hundreds of people have beautied towns, schoolsandneighbourhoodsthroughoutTakanini School, Aucklandthecountry.Herearethe2009winners, sharing more than $5000 worth of prizes.Best School Mural1st: Takanini School, Auckland 2nd equal: Coastal Taranaki School, Taranaki2nd equal: Clarkville School, Kaiapoi3rd: Oratia District Primary School Coastal Taranaki School, Taranaki Sara Plunkett, Holmes KindergartenBest Community Mural1st: NgAng, Chris Finlayson and Rototai Residents & Friends Inc2nd: Trent Morgan and community helpers for Rust Ave, Whangarei3rd: Tony Scanlan, Joan Harkness,Liz Ambler and Jayne CumminsJonathan Grange, residential Auckland Tony Scanlan, Joan Harkness,Best Professional Mural Liz Ambler and Jayne Cummins1st: Sara Plunkett for Holmes Kindergarten2nd equal: Nicola Neilson for Picton Kindergarten2nd equal: Jonathan Grange for an Auckland houseBest Mural Design(not yet painted)1st: Jil of Aotearoa. Nicola Neilson, Picton Kindergarten2nd: Lynda Newman.You can view hundreds more murals online at www.resene.com/murals.htm.The Mural Masterpieces 2010 competition is now open. Pick up a registration form at yourReseneColorShoporregisteronlineNgAng, Chris Finlayson andTrent Morgan and community helpers, at www.resene.com/murals.htm. Rototai Residents & Friends Inc Rust Ave, Whangarei97'