b'One in three of us suffer from allergies oftea-bag in the cleaner bag each time youspores, so make sure your fruit is always one sort or other, caused by anything fromvacuum.fresh, and not too ripe. And if you use a pollen to peanuts, drugs to cat fur. AllergyFour-legged friends dehumidier, ensure the drip tray is always symptoms can range from merely irritatingWhile eight-legged critters are the numberfree from mould.tolife-threatening,andwhileitseasytoone cause of household allergies, our four- Another way to combat mould in susceptible avoidsomeallergens,trackingdownthelegged friends can also wreck havoc on ourareas is to paint kitchens and bathrooms cause of others can be a tortuous process.sinuses. Allergic reaction to cats is common.with a Resene Kitchen & Bathroom paint ThisisespeciallytruewhenitcomestoCaused by a protein present in cats saliva,formulatedwithanti-bacteriasilverand the places we call home. Our houses andthis allergen is very sticky, and can be carriedMoulDefender.Thisdiscouragesmould gardenscanbebattleeldsintheghton clothes from place to place. Long haired,fromgrowingonpaintedsurfacesbutif for our familys health. Dust mites, mouldshort haired or baldthis protein is presentyou already have a problem, Resene Moss & spores and pollen are all common causesin all cats.Mould Killer is a great way to treat it.of allergies, and eliminating them can seemAs pets are an integral part of the family,Clean and greennigh on impossible at times.getting rid of them is often not an option,We live in a chemical world, and as asthma Never fear. Armed with a little knowledge,so limiting exposure is usually the best bet.sufferersknow,fumesfromysprays, it is possible to minimise allergens and helpResearchindicatesthatregularlybathingcleaning products and home furnishings can keep your family allergy free. cats can help reduce the level of allergenstrigger attacks. Aside from avoiding those Pesky little mites on the fur. Your cat may hate it, but itll stopyouknowirritateyournose,makesure It may be an alarming thought, but everythe sneezingjust watch out for the claws! you wear gloves when cleaning although one of us shares our homes with thousandsKeep your cat outside for long periods, andnot thin latex ones as these are made from of eight-legged intruders. Dust mites maylimit the parts of the house in which catsrubber tree sap and can cause eczema and be microscopic, but they cause no end ofcan go. As cat dander settles on carpets,respiratory problems. irritation to thousands. Its estimated thatreplacing this with wooden ooring or vinylWhenrenovatingorredecorating,its the mattresses we sleep on carry one millioncan reduce the level of allergens. important to ensure that the products you dust mites, so its no wonder that sufferersuse dont get you wheezing and reaching symptoms intensify at night time.And dont forget the golden rule, keep yourforyourinhaler.Therearenowmany home well ventilated, all year round.building and home products marketed as Feeding on human and animal skin, dustBreaking the mould more human-friendly, as well as many eco mitesproduceproteinsthatcancause sneezing, itchy eyes and asthma. They canTheres nothing as nice as a hot bath, butand human-friendly principles on which to also cause eczema. Dust mites love humidity,sadly we humans arent the only ones whobuild a new home.and places with high year-round mugginesssavour a bit of a soak. Mould thrives in our havethegreatestconcentrationofthesemoisture-lled bathrooms, and the spores it pesky little mites. produces can cause problems.Having a bath or shower before bed helpsKeep your bathroom well ventilated to reducetop the level of mould. Extractor fans are ideal;tipto minimise the amount of skin akes that fall from us in the night, thus limiting theotherwise make sure you have a window dust mites food source. Dust-mite mattressopen whenever you bathe or shower.coversarealsouseful,asiskeepingtheTowelscanalsoharbourmould,soitsShowering before bed andusing a vacuum cleaner with house well-ventilated.important to change them regularly. Heatedstrong suction and good lters Use a vacuum cleaner with good suctiontowel rails can help to keep them dry inhelps eliminate allergy-causing and lters to keep dust mites at bay. Onebetween washes.dust mites. easy home remedy is to put a recently usedMouldyfruitalsocontainstroublesome 39'