b'advertising featureas versatileas the littleblack dressJust like the classic LBD, one carpet can be accessorised throughout your home to appear classic, informal, sophisticated or funky.Unlike the Brits who have steadfastly and cheerfully decorated every room a different hue and with a different carpet (youre staying in the lilac room tonight, sweetie), at this end of the world we tend to use one carpetthroughoutthehouse,andquite often just one paint colour to co-ordinate.Neutrals are certainly a safe choice when it comes to carpets and walls but its so easy toaddsomepzazzwithdifferentfabrics andpaintcolours,evenifitsjustone painted feature wall. One carpet can appear dramatically different when you change the Picotagecolours and patterns around it. This unique cut pile carpet was inspired by the fabulous picotage fabrics from the 1950sknown for their mottled background and striking pattern on top. Bywayofexample,herearetwonewlyThe pinpoint denition salt-and-pepper effect in this carpet creates a perfect releasedwoolcarpetswithverydifferentbackdrop for bold interiors. looks. Top: The use of a dense black velvet next to this carpet highlights the blackand white ecks in the carpet and creates a very sophisticated feel. Accent brights add the dramafor feature walls, cushions, curtains and even a sofa. AllCavalierBremworthcarpetsaremadeThe carpet in these images is Picotage in colour Silver Cloud. here in New Zealand from 100% wool andAbove: The oral fabric used in this combination adds softness. Opt for some all carry accreditation from Environmentalpaler lemons or greys on your walls for a relaxed look or go for brighter limes to add the zing. Picotage has six colour options with brown, grey and cream/Choice NZ. beige bases. 36'