b'Brian Curries view on life has changed, literally, since wearing colour-correcting glasses. Resene Half Colonial WhiteResene FlashbackResene Limericka technicolour world?not for someImagine not being able to see the world in all its glorious colour.Help is at hand for those aficted with colour blindness. Brian Currie remembers getting hidings at school for colouring theis a condition in which certain colours cannot be distinguished and grass red in art. The teachers thought I was having them on, heis most commonly due to an inherited condition. It is caused by a recalls. But Brian was not fooling around. In fact, he was completelymalfunction of the retina, which converts light energy into electrical oblivious to his mistake. Like eight percent of all European malesenergy that is then transmitted to the brain. here, he couldnt differentiate between the colours red and green.MollyWhittington,anAucklandoptometristbasedinKumeu, To him, they both looked brown. Brian eventually learned he wasspecialises in helping people with colour deciency. She explains colour blind.that the conversion of light is accomplished by two types of photo-Colour blindness or colour deciency as the experts like to call it,receptor cells in the eyes retinas: rods and cones. The cones are 28'