b'LeftResene Curtain Collection Turntable in colour Merlot. A striking silk effect fabric with intricate woven and tonal textures to create a contemporary high fashion look using graphic cylindrical designs. Suggested Resene paint co-ordinates Resene Masala, Resene Zibibbo and Resene Double Foundry (pictured).ReseneDouble FoundryReseneMasalaReseneZibibboLeftResene Curtain CollectionA collection of sophisticated and sumptuous fabrics has now been added to Resenes Beyond in colour Flame. A silk-effectoriginal curtain range. Specically designed to match Resenes popular paint colours, the with a modern twist, and a dramatic combination of sheen, metallic andfabrics were developed in partnership with home furnishing company Mollers. matte textures. Suggested Resene paint co-ordinates Resene DoubleSalesanddesignmanagerofMollers,WynneBrewersaystheconceptofmatching Masala, Resene Double Napacomponents for a room to Resenes extensive range of colours has proven very popular. In (pictured) and Resene Nero.response, the range has increased in number from 29 to 58, with more colours also added Resene to favourite designs in the original range to offer further variety. Double MasalaResene Each fabric has been carefully selected to reect current trends and coloured to coordinate Double Napa with three suggested Resene paint coloursgiving people a headstart to make the whole Resene room design process easier. NeroTheres continued emphasis on pattern, particularly in foliage motifs.Colour continues to return to our interiors, replacing the neutral beiges and creams that dominated for several years. But overall, colours have greyed off, says Mollers product manager, Trish van Bussel, and this is reected in the new range. The main curtain trend colours are charcoal, linen, black and natural, complemented by the rich, jewel-like fashion hues of purple, mauve, green and teal, which are usually added in as wordsVicki Holder accessories such as cushions.33'