b'ReseneFirst LightResene HalfPearl LustaResenePoprockStop press!You can now order your carpet samples directly from Cavalier Bremworth online atArmure www.cavbrem.co.nz.A full Armure is an exciting new textured loop pile which combines the durability andlist of Warranted Dealers can performance of a loop pile with the luxurious underfoot feel of a cut pile carpet.Designed to create a more informal look than the usual loop piles, the loops arebe found online or by phoning random and not in rows. Armure has a palette of eight fashion colours from soft0800 808 303.earthy neutrals to a dramatic charcoal grey and rich chocolate brown.Top: Here weve opted for a fresh oral in the same tones as the carpet, giving you unlimited options for wall coloursanything from soft pastels through to dramatic brights will work brilliantly with this. The soft lemons here create a very classic feel. The carpet here is Armure in colour Nightshade.Above: The stripes in this fabric create a fun and informal lookand complement the more relaxed texture of this carpet. The bright combination of colours in the fabric gives any number of choices for your walls or other furnishings.37'