b'be seen behind shelves of sparkling glassware. The timber handles were replaced with stainless steel cup handles for a quick update, TopAn addition houses the family room, nished inand an impressive Rangemaster stove was added. Resene Quarter Ash. AboveEven the bathrooms are rich with detailingJenny and Phil have a natural eye for styling and design, displaying and collections.their many objects and accessories into artful arrangementsold RightJenny relaxes in the new family room.perfume bottles in the bedroom, art glass in the family room, and Far rightPhils passion for Art Deco and Art Nouveauinstruments in the music room. Phil is the collector, says Jenny. was unleashed on the guest bedroom. The featureIve told him no more. She also attributes him as being the more wall is Resene Claret while the rest is Resene Tana.adventurous one when it comes to colour. Did you know?Avoid y spots on ceilings with Resene Fly Deterrent. Designed to discourage ies from landingFurniture and accessories have been bought from local antique on the painted surface, it reduces the appearance ofstores but also from throughout the world, via e-bay and dealer unwanted y spots.22'