b'three looksthe new neutralNeutral colours are the mainstay of any decorating scheme. This one is set to be a winner. During the years, Resene has produced many superb paint colours,other colours and adaptable to many styles of interior. Its versatile including a raft of popular neutral tones. The success of those neutralsand has the ability to change depending on the light. inspired Resene to produce a fandeck specically devoted to neutralsVikki Gorton of interior design company Yellow Fox describes it as a some years ago, The Range Whites & Neutrals, which was recentlyvery trustworthy colour because it can be used in so many ways.extended to include up to six colour strength variations of one hue. And Resenes ofcial Top 20 is dominated by whites and neutrals,Use it as a half-strength to create a beachy Cape Cod look, as full reecting their broad acceptance and use on a vast array of projects. strength in a glamorous and sophisticated scheme, or as double strength for a lodgey masculine look. She also notes that Resene During recent decades, as fashions change, often one particular neutralTriple Thorndon Cream makes a superb exterior colour. It is also takes out top spot as the most popular. Who hasnt heard of Resenea great colour on which to base an all-over scheme using varying Pearl Lusta or Resene Spanish White? Who didnt paint at least part ofstrengths, i.e. full strength for the walls, half for trims and eighth their interiors with Resene Tea recently? And what architect wouldntfor the ceiling. have been seen dead not specifying Resene Black White inside one of their minimalist designs, or Resene Bokara Grey outside?WeaskedVikkiGorton,ShelleyBrockliss,PetaDavyandJenny Harris, all of Yellow Fox, to create three quite different schemes Now,anotherofReseneswonderfulneutralsiscomingtotheusing Resene Thorndon Cream as the backdrop.popularity fore. Resene Thorndon Cream is a neutral of the momentfresh but also slightly muddy and moody, great alongside mostResene Thorndon Cream46'