b'doing itnever say neverAn accident hasnt stopped this Wanaka house painter. If you walk around the front of a certain Wanaka home, you will nd a well established, beautifully maintained garden. You are also likely to hear a cheery voice spring from beneath the verandah. Gday, do you want a cup of tea?This is Geoff Wilsonhouse painter and paraplegic. The result of a fall from a larch tree four years ago, Geoff is wheelchair bound. Not that it seems to stop him. Must have stood on a branch and down I went, six or eight metres probably. Not very high, but just the way I landed on my shoulders, he explains. AboveGeoff has kept up his painting business by employing others to do most of the hands-on work. After three months in Burwood Spinal Unit, he returned to work. He is clearly grateful to have had a group of loyal and hard working employees to help him through the adjustments to his working life. As a result of the accident Geoff has hired more staffaround four at present. While Geoff tries to be hands-on when he can, his role Geoff started in business at an early age and was keen to showis now mostly supervisory. It depends on the job, and how easily entrepreneurial air, after some forceful encouragement from hisI can get into it. If its at its all right, but there are certainly some father. I was in the last few years at school, sort of mucking around,challenges with multi-level houses. I nd it difcult to get around making a nuisance of myself, and my father decided I needed amost building sites without having someone clearing the way.trade for myself, something to get my teeth into, so he gave me this job painting. Geoff nished his apprenticeship, and then went intoHis spare time is taken up with family, and a few hobbies. I love to partnership with his employer. sail, its my summer pastime. Geoff has a specially built seat (at the wheel, of coursehe is captain), and a handy crew to assist him on After some time, Geoff and then girlfriend (now wife) Vicki headedand off the yacht. There is a bit of healthy debate at times, says overseas for 18 months.On their return, he bought out his partner,Geoff, but there is no point in being skipper if you cant get your and has been painting on his own account for 25 years, the last fourway, is there? And if hes not on the water, Geoff is under itscuba in a wheelchair. Thats been a whole new challenge. diving. I love to head up the West Coast for some craysh.Was Geoff worried about not being able to maintain his businessGeoff also skis in winter, recently switching from Cardrona to his after the accident? Not at all - If you do a good job you tend topreferred Treble Cone, where his specially adapted apparatus, which get invited back. he describes as a sports car seat on a ski is essential. He may have Its a lesson in patience being in a wheelchair, it can be quitebroken a few of them over the years, but the thrill of skiing makes frustrating, and you need to be patient and rely on others, just toit worthwhile. It certainly makes a huge difference if youve got get help, I was always so independent before, and charging off in allsomething to look forward to like that, says Geoff.different directions. Its just a matter of applying yourself, and you Resenecan manage most things. Cream Can82'