b'ReseneChelsea CucumberReseneDouble AlabasterReseneMoonbeam LeftSherbet bomb is where soft Resene brights remind us of lollies and Subzero pretty shades of icing pink, candied Resene violets, sugared whites, citrus peel, Taffeta enamel blue and glass green. The Resene look is about fun and playfulness Vibe with bright pastels and white tones. Against a background of Resene Vibe, try accents to match Resene Double Alabaster, Resene Chelsea Cucumber, Resene Moonbeam, Resene Taffeta and Resene Subzero. White shutters, $585, garden chair (part of a ve-piece set for $2100), green cups and saucers, $34.25, all from Vintage. Flowershow tumbers, $39.95 set of four, and Flowershow plates, $59.95 set of four, from Nest. Suzani cushion, $67.50, and retro red doily, $31.50 set of six, from Vujju. Large Illusion table, $979, from Design Denmark. Bold, bright ery redits a colour many of us respond to and one which, despite itsOppositeAu natural is grounded strength, many of us like. In decorating terms, its a colour of ultimate exibility. Darken itin natural nishes and organic textures, incorporating timber, for a moody, tribal atmosphere. Use it in blood tones for a touch of regal splendour. Use itbleached bone and pearly shell pure and bright for fun, or in a retro scheme. Or soften it with a touch of white for a pinkytones in a serene palette. Textures are a must in these calm and red that becomes pretty and feminine.honest schemes. Beach or darker French country themes work well Red is a colour often used as an accent in our homes. Few would be so bold as to paint thewith the palette where pastels can entire room red, although its a superb colour to use in a dining area and, as a deeper tone,be used as highlights, or bright accents introduced to make the in a study or den.look more sophisticated or playful.Used as a feature wall, it electries a scheme. And, of course, its still a current favourite forAgainst a background of Resene Tall Poppy, try accents to match use as an accessory colour on vases, rugs or cushions. Resene Half Merino, Resene Mondo, Resene Stack, Resene For our settings on these pages, interiors stylist Liz Kerby has taken her lead from NeilTriple Putty and Resene Kombi. Henson of Fashionbytes Australia, recently sponsored by Resene to present his research onStill life painting, $450, and small worldwide trends that will drive future design. Among the key looks he identied are aufood dome with base, $89, from Vintage. Sleeping amingo, natural, some like it hot and sherbet bomb, interpreted here by Liz.$89.80, from Republic Home. Ceramic ruru, $57, from NextNeil advised that: Whatever route we choose to take we must stand out from the bland.Door Gallery. Orange resin swirl These economic times are not a time for playing safekeep it simple and make a key singlecondiment bowl, $15, from Crave. statement one of either rened elegance or energetic playfulness.ReseneSounds like a job for red! Moonbeam9'