b'New ZealandsQuietestHEAT PUMPS .Ever!THEADVANTAGEThe MSZ-GE Series are New Zealands Quietest Heat Pumps New Zealands Best Low Temperature Performance Ever! The MSZ-GE25/35 have been designed to operate from(Guaranteed)and all Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps offer a whisper quiet 19dBA. Because, at Mitsubishi Electric weUnique Energy Saving Features. From19dBA understand that you want to feel the warmth not hear it! To learn more, go to www.mitsubishi-electric.co.nzAlthough quiet operation is important, equally important New Zealands New ZealandsUNIQUE islowtemperatureperformanceandenergyefficiency.Quietest Best Energy THEMITSUBISHIELECTRICADVANTAGEisaguaranteeHEAT PUMPS LOW TEMPERATURE Savingthat we offer you - New Zealands Quietest Heat Pumps, .Ever! PERFORMANCE FEATURES.Guaranteed!www.mitsubishi-electric.co.nz'